Pharaoh Infobox | Alt= Boethos, Bedjau, Baunetjer, Hetepsekhemwy, Boêthos, Boëthos

Caption=Bone cylinder inscribed with the serekh of Hotepsekhemwy
Name= Hotepsekhemwy| HorusHiero=R4-S42-S42
Horus= "Hotepsekhemwy" The two powers are at peace
Nebty= The Two Ladies are satisfied
Reign= 38 years, according to Manetho
Predecessor= Qa'a
Successor= Raneb
Burial= Tomb in Saqqara
Monuments= Tomb in Saqqara
Dynasty=2nd Dynasty

Hotepsekhemwy, (in Greek known as Boethos), was the first king of the Second dynasty of Egypt. His name means "Pleasing in Powers." [Peter Clayton, Chronicle of the Pharaohs, Thames and Hudson Ltd, 2006 paperback, p.26] Little is known about his reign.

It is possible that Pharaoh Hotepsekhemwy reached office through marriage with a princess. Thus we do not know if he was related to the old Thinite line of rulers or not. He is not thought to be the son of Pharaoh Qa'a, but possibly his son-in-law. Regardless, he made offerings in memory of the man and was possibly responsible for Qa'a's funeral. Sealings with the name of "Hotepsekhemwy" have been found outside the tomb of Qa'a at Abydos.

His tomb has been identified in Saqqara; the substructure has survived but there are no remains of a superstructure.

In Manetho's account, a chasm opened at Bubastis, causing many to perish during the 38 year reign of Boethos. However, Manetho wrote in the 3rd century BC, over two millennia after the king's actual reign, so his information is not considered always reliable.


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