Serbian-Jewish Friendship Society

Serbian-Jewish Friendship Society

The Serbian-Jewish Friendship Society was founded in Belgrade, Serbia in 1987 by Klara Mandić, who was also the society's spokesperson. The society was formed with the professed primary goal to promote establishment of full diplomatic relations between Israel and Yugoslavia, an act which had previously been stymied by Tito's communist regime.Fact|date=July 2008

The society has been critizisedWho|date=October 2008 for promoting a revisionist view of the role of Serbs as victims and sufferers of persecution comparable to that of the Jews. In 1992, Mandić gave the American Jewish press a controversial account of Croatian forces killing a sixty-seven year old Jewish woman named Ankica Konjuh. This account was cited as evidence of Croatian anti-semitism. It was later claimedWho|date=October 2008 that this report had been false and that Konjuh was neither Jewish, nor was she killed by Croats; according to these reports, Konjuh had been a Croat killed by Serbs. In December of 1991, the Federation of Jewish Communities of Yugoslavia distanced itself from Mandić's claims.Fact|date=October 2008


"Fascism Reawakens in Croatia, Charges Jewish Leader," The Jewish Advocate, 24-30 January 1992

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