Southern Bug

Southern Bug

:"Boh redirects here; see also BOH tea. The Western Bug or Buh is another river which flows from Ukraine through Poland."Infobox River | river_name = Southern Bug

caption =
origin = Ukraine
mouth = Black Sea
basin_countries = Ukraine
length = 806 km (501 mi)
elevation =
discharge =
watershed = 63,700 km² (24,595 mi²)

The Southern Buh, Bug, or Boh River ( _uk. Південний Буг, "Pivdennyi Buh"; _ru. Южный Буг, "Yuzhny Bug"; ancient Greek: Hypanis) is entirely located in Ukraine. It rises in the west, in the Podolian uplands, about 145 km from the Polish border, and flows southeasterly into the Black Sea through the southern steppe. It is 806 km long and drains 63,700 km².

Major cities: Khmelnytskyi, Vinnytsia, Pervomaisk, Mykolaiv.

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