List of martial arts-related topics

List of martial arts-related topics

Main article is Martial arts. This list covers topics not covered in the following lists.
* List of martial arts
* List of martial arts weapons
* List of fictional martial arts


* Grappling techniques
** Throws
** Grappling holds
** Joint locks
*** Chin na

* Striking techniques
** Kicks
** Punches
*** Jab
*** Uppercut
*** Cross
*** Bolo punch
** Knee (strike)

* Blocking techniques
** Parry (fencing)

* Stances


An individual style may also have its own list of techniques, either that are taught or that are allowed in competitions such as Judo techniques or Professional wrestling holds.

Training techniques and equipment

* Chi sao
* Dojo
* Fechtschule
* Floryshe
* Jian
* kata
* Kihon
* Kumite
* Kurtka
* Kwoon
* Sparring
* Pushing hands
* Qigong
* Wooden dummy

Kinds of violent situation

* war
* self-defense
* street fighting
* sport


* Aikikai
* All Japan Kendo Federation
* British Judo Association
* Ki Society
* Pride Fighting Championships
* Japan Aikido Association
* The International Taoist Tai Chi Society
* The Jitsu Foundation
* Ultimate Fighting Championship
* United Fighting Arts Federation
* X-kan
** Bujinkan
** Genbukan
** Jinenkan

Other related topics

* Bullshido
* duel
** code duello
* Shaolin Monastery and Shaolin kung fu
* qigong
* martial arts film
* Wu Xia film
* Kung Fu (TV series)
* qi
* reaction time
* Wudangshan
* Yin Yang
* samurai (bushi)
* hara
* Dan Tien
* kiai
* kimono
* hakama
* Black belt (martial arts)
* Provost (martial arts)
* dan
* I.33
* fechtbuch
* shintaido
* sensei
* Basic Combat Training
* hand training
* Kathakali
* seiza
* Traditional Chinese medicine

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