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show_name = Lindenstraße

caption = The logo appearing on the series' title screen
format = Soap opera
runtime = c. 30 minutes
camera = Multiple-camera setup
creator = Hans W. Geißendörfer
starring = See below
country = Germany
network = Das Erste
first_aired = December 8 1985
last_aired = present
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num_episodes = 1182+
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imdb_id = 0088554

"Lindenstraße" is a German television show on "Das Erste" (ARD).

The first episode was aired on December 8, 1985, and since then has been broadcast weekly. Its current timeslot on Das Erste (ARD), one of Germany's two publicly administered TV channels, is Sundays at 6:50 p.m.. The events of the Sunday episode usually take place on the Thursday before the show. This is due to the initial concept of airing the episodes Thursday night. Exceptions are the so-called holiday episodes, for example ones that are set on Christmas or Easter.

Setting the pace for other soap operas in Germany, the first episodes were met with mostly bad reviews. Fact|date=November 2007 However, "Lindenstraße" soon became one of the most successful shows on German TV and has gained enormous cultural significance. Fact|date=November 2007 The inventor of "Lindenstraße" is Hans W. Geißendörfer, whose company "Geißendörfer Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH" (GFF - "Geißendörfer film and TV productions") still produces the series today. In the beginning Geißendörfer also directed the series. It is set in Munich, but filmed in the WDR studios in Cologne-Bocklemünd.

The show is based on the long-running British soap "Coronation Street", from which it borrows its main premise (the everyday life of a number of neighbours). It tackles topics such as racism, cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer's disease, disabilities (both physical and mental), and homosexuality like no other German TV series has done before. In 1990 it gained notoriety for showing the first primetime gay kiss on German television.

"Dallas" star Larry Hagman made a cameo appearance on "Lindenstraße" on February 19, 2006.


Domna Adamopoulou - Elena Sarikakis

Anja Antonowicz - Nastya Scholz-Pashenko

Jo Bolling - Andreas „Andy“ Zenker

Susanna Capurso - Sabrina Buchstab

Karolin Dubberstein - Irina Winicki

Susanne Evers - Suzanne Richter

Irene Fischer - Anna Ziegler

Joris Gratwohl - Alexander „Alex" Behrend

Erkan Gündüz - Murat Dağdelen

Ludwig Haas - Dr. Ludwig Dressler

Willi Herren - Oliver „Olli“ Klatt

Knut Hinz - Hans-Joachim „Hajo“ Scholz

Hermes Hodolides - Vasily Sarikakis

Beatrice Kaps-Zurmahr - Andrea Neumann

Dominique Kusche - Sophie Ziegler

Joachim Hermann Luger - Hans Beimer

Heinz Marecek - Bruno Skabowski
Marie-Luise Marjan - Helga Beimer

Wookie Mayer - Hannelore Siekmann

Bill Mockridge - Erich Schiller

Klaus Nierhoff - Christian Brenner

Anna Nowak-Ibisz - Urszula Winicki

Sontje Peplow - Lisa Dağdelen

Sabine Pfeifer - Kathy Müller

Franz Rampelmann - Olaf Kling

Marianne Rogée - Isolde Pavarotti

Harry Rowohlt - Penner Harry "Hartmut Rennep"

Moritz A. Sachs - Klaus Beimer

Johannes Scheit - Thomas „Tom“ Ziegler

Rebecca Siemoneit-Barum - Iphigenie „Iffi“ Zenker

Gunnar Solka - Peter „Lotti“ Lottmann

Toni Snetberger - Enzo Buchstab

Andrea Spatzek - Gabriele „Gabi“ Zenker

Julia Stark - Sarah Ziegler

Amorn Surangkanjanajai - Gung Pham Kien

Jacqueline Svilarov - Nina Beimer

Sarh Turchetto - Marcella Varese

Georg Uecker - Dr. Carsten Flöter

Giselle Vesco - Hildegard „Hilde“ Scholz

Urs Villiger - Julian Hagen

Cosima Viola - Jaqueline „Jack“ Aichinger

Sybille Waury - Tanja Schildknecht

Birgitta Weizenegger - Ines Kling

Moritz Zielke - Moritz „Momo“ Sperling

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