Macedonian presidential election, 2004

Macedonian presidential election, 2004

Presidential elections were held in the Republic of Macedonia in two phases during April 2004. The elections were necessitated by the death in an air crash in February of President Boris Trajkovski.

In the first round, held on April 14, 2004, Prime Minister Branko Crvenkovski of the Social Democratic Union led the poll but failed to secure an absolute majority.

Because no candidate received an absolute majority, on April 28 a second round was held between Crvenkovski and the Christian Democratic candidate Sashko Kedev. Crvenkovski was victorious in this run-off, with just over 60% of the vote compared to Kedev's just less than 40%. Turnout was 53.84% – a factor of relevance because, under the Republic of Macedonia's Constitution, a turnout of less than 50% would have invalidated the election.

In the immediate aftermath, Kedev alleged massive electoral fraud.


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