HMS Penelope

HMS Penelope

Nine ships of the British Royal Navy have been named HMS "Penelope", after the faithful wife Penelope of Greek mythology.

* The first "Penelope" was a 24-gun sixth-rate launched in 1778 and captured by her Spanish prisoners in 1780.
* The second "Penelope" was a 32-gun fifth-rate launched in 1783 and broken up 1797.
* The third "Penelope" was a 36-gun fifth-rate launched in 1798 and wrecked in 1815.
* The fourth "Penelope" was a 46-gun fifth-rate launched in 1829 but completed in 1843 as a paddle frigate, and sold for breakup in 1864.
* The fifth "Penelope" was an armoured corvette launched in 1867 that became a prison hulk in 1897 and was sold in 1912.
* The sixth "Penelope" was an "Arethusa"-class light cruiser launched in 1914 and sold in 1924.
* The seventh "Penelope" was a tender purchased in 1918 and sold in 1922.
* The eighth "Penelope" (97) was an "Arethusa"-class light cruiser launched in 1935 and sunk off Naples in 1944.
* The ninth "Penelope" (F127) was a "Leander"-class frigate launched in 1962 and sold to Ecuador in 1991, who operated her as "Presidente Eloy Alfaro".

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