Diplomatic missions of Nepal

Diplomatic missions of Nepal

Nepal's first semblance of a diplomatic network started in the reign of King Prithivi Narayan Shah the Great, when in 1769 he established a foreign office called "Jaishi Kotha". Over centuries the office slowly grew in stature until it became a government Department in 1934, although by the time of the revolution in 1950 Nepal only had diplomatic relations with India, Britain, France and the United States. The Nepalese Ministry of Foreign Affairs rapidly expanded in the 1950s and 1960s, driven by Nepal's precarious strategic position sandwiched between India and China.

Listed below are the countries and cities where a Nepalese diplomatic mission is situated (excluding honorary consulates) [http://www.mofa.gov.np/missions.php?type=nepalese] .


**Brussels (Embassy)
** Copenhagen (Embassy)
** Paris (Embassy)
** Berlin (Embassy)
** Moscow (Embassy)
*Flag|United Kingdom
** London (Embassy)

North America

*Flag|United States
** Washington DC (Embassy)
** New York (Consulate-General)


** Cairo (Embassy)

Middle East

** Tel Aviv (Embassy)
** Doha (Embassy)
*Flag|Saudi Arabia
** Riyadh (Embassy)
*Flag|United Arab Emirates
** Abu Dhabi (Embassy)


** Dhaka (Embassy)
** Beijing (Embassy)
** Hong Kong (Consulate-General)
** Lhasa (Consulate-General)
** New Delhi (Embassy)
** Kolkata (Consulate-General)
** Tokyo (Embassy)
** Kuala Lumpur (Embassy)
** Yangon (Embassy)
** Islamabad (Embassy)
*Flag|South Korea
** Seoul (Embassy)
*Flag|Sri Lanka
** Colombo (Embassy)
** Bangkok (Embassy)


** Canberra (Embassy)

Multilateral Organisations

** Brussels (permanent mission to the European Union)
** Geneva (permanent mission)
** New York (permanent mission to the United Nations)

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* [http://www.mofa.gov.np Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Nepal)]

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* Foreign relations of Nepal

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