Iberian refers to Iberia, which has two basic meanings, that, disused, of Caucasian Iberia (corresponding roughly to modern-day Georgia) and Theme of Iberia (an eastern province of the Byzantine Empire), and that, in modern use, of someone or something originating in the Iberian Peninsula, namely from Portugal and Spain. It may refer to:

Ancient history

Iberian Peninsula

*South-Western Iberian Bronze, Bronze Age culture of southern Portugal and nearby areas of Spain
*Iberians, one of the ancient Pre-Roman peoples of the Iberian Peninsula (should not be confused with the Celtiberians)
**Iberian language, the language of the ancient Iberians
**Iberian scripts, the writing scripts of the ancient Iberians
***Northeastern Iberian script
***Southeastern Iberian script
***Greco-Iberian alphabet

Caucasian Iberia

*Caucasian Iberians, Greco-Roman designation for Georgians
*Iberian War, fought from 526 to 532 CE between the Eastern Roman Empire and Sassanid Empire over the eastern Georgian kingdom of Iberia


*Anthim the Iberian, 1650—1716, Eastern Orthodox theologian and philosopher in Romania, from Georgia
*John the Iberian, d. ca. 1002, Georgian monk
*Peter the Iberian, c. 411-491, Georgian Orthodox saint

Modern history

Cultural similarities of the peoples of the Iberian Peninsula

*Iberian languages (see also Gallo-Iberian languages)
*Iberian Romance languages
*West Iberian languages
*Languages of Spain
*Languages of Portugal
*Iberian naming customs
**Portuguese names
**Spanish naming customs

Modern peoples of the Iberian Peninsula

*Portuguese people
*Spanish people, with its multiple national and regional identities
**Andalusian people
**Aragonese people
**Asturian people
**Basque people
**Canarian people
**Cantabrian people
**Catalan people
**Castilian people
**Extremaduran people
**Galician people
**Valencian people


*2007 Iberian Peninsula earthquake
*Iberian Communist Federation, communist group in Spain
**Iberian Communist Youth, the youth organization of the Iberian Communist Federation
*Iberian Anarchist Federation ("Federación Anarquista Ibérica", FAI), a Spanish organization of Anarchist (Anarcho-Syndicalist) militants.
**Iberian Federation of Libertarian Youth ("Federación Ibérica de Juventudes Libertarias")
*Iberian Federalism, early 20th century ideology purporting the federation of Portugal and Spain
*Iberian Jews, also known as Sephardi Jews
*Iberian Pact, in 1939 between the Portuguese right-wing dictatorship and the Spanish right-wing dictatorship
*Iberian Union, political unit that governed all of Iberia from 1580-1640, as a personal union
*International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, Portuguese-Spanish international nanotechnology research organization

Animals of the Iberian Peninsula

*Iberian Barbel
*Iberian Emerald Lizard
*Iberian Frog
*Iberian horse
*Iberian Lynx
*Iberian Midwife Toad
*Iberian Nase
*Iberian Painted Frog
*Iberian Ribbed Newt
*Iberian Rock Lizard
*Iberian Shrew
*Iberian Wolf
*Iberian Worm Lizard
*Iberian cattle


*Iberian Gate and Chapel, the only existing gate of the Kitai-gorod in Moscow, Russia

ee also

*Hispanic and Hispanophone
*Lusitanic and Lusophone

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