The Milky Way (1936 film)

The Milky Way (1936 film)

name = The Milky Way

image_size = 225px
caption = DVD cover
writer = Play:
Lynn Root
Harry Clork
Grover Jones
Frank Butler
Richard Connell
starring = Harold Lloyd
director = Leo McCarey
producer = E. Lloyd Sheldon
cinematography = Alfred Gilks
editing = LeRoy Stone
music = Tom Satterfield
Victor Young
distributor = Paramount
released = February 7, fy|1936
country = United States
runtime = 88 min
language = English
amg_id =
imdb_id = 0027969
budget = $1,032,000 (est)
gross = $1,170,000 (US)

"The Milky Way" is a 1936 comedy film starring Harold Lloyd. Directed by comedy veteran Leo McCarey, the film was written by Grover Jones, Frank Butler and Richard Connell based on a play of the same name by Lynn Root and Harry Clork which was presented on Broadway in 1934.

An example of the popular screwball comedy genre of the time, and critically Harold Lloyd's most successful talkie, it tells the story of a Brooklyn milkman who becomes middleweight boxing champion. "The Milky Way" features supporting performances by Adolphe Menjou and Verree Teasdale.


Timid milkman Burleigh Sullivan (Lloyd) becomes involved in a brawl which ends up with Speed McFarland, the world middleweight champion being knocked out cold (he never in fact threw a punch; he merely ducked to get out of the way of a punch which brought the champ down).

McFarland's boss, the crooked Gabby Sloan (Adolphe Menjou), decides to promote Sullivan in a series of fixed fights that will culminate in him being knocked out in a real fight with McFarland. Against all the odds, Sullivan triumphs and becomes world champion.


*Harold Lloyd as "Burleigh "Tiger" Sullivan"
*Adolphe Menjou as "Gabby Sloan (Speed's manager)"
*Verree Teasdale as "Ann Westley"
*Helen Mack as "Mae Sullivan (Burleigh's sister)"
*William Gargan as "Speed McFarland (middleweight champ)"
*George Barbier as "Wilbur Austin"
*Dorothy Wilson as "Polly Pringle"
*Lionel Stander as "Spider Schultz (Speed's bodyguard)"
*Charles Lane as "Willard"
*Marjorie Gateson as "Mrs. E. Winthrop Lemoyne"

Cast notes:
* Anthony Quinn has an uncredited bit part as an extra, his first film appearance.


"The Milky Way" had originally been optioned as a vehicle for Jack Oakie with Edward Everett Horton and Gertrude Michael in the main supporting roles, but when Oakie was replaced with Harold Lloyd, the role of the manager was to go to William Frawley, because studio executives felt that Lloyd and Horton were too similar in comic style. The part eventually went to Adolphe Menjou.TCM [ Notes] ] Both Brian Donlevy, who played the role of "Speed McFarland" on Broadway, [IBDB [ "The Milky Way"] ] and boxer-turned-actor Max Baer were considered for roles in the film, but were not cast. Actress Ida Lupino was to have played "Polly Pringle", but dropped out because of illness, to be replaced by Dorothy Wilson. Helen Mack and Verree Teasdale were also replacements, the parts having originally gone to Sally Blane and Gail Patrick. Although they are not in the film, before filming began, the Dionne Quintuplets had been expected to make an appearance.

Filming on "The Milky Way" began on 22 July fy|1935, [TCM [ Overview] ] but it was interrupted by the illnesses of Menjou, Teasdale and director Leo McCarey, who was hospitalized. McCarey's place was taken by his brother, Ray McCarey and by veteran director Norman Z. McLeod. During filming, when a suitable white horse for Burleigh could not be found, make-up artists bleached a dark-colored horse blonde.


When producer Samuel Goldwyn bought the rights to the property in the mid-1940s for his remake, "The Kid from Brooklyn" (with Danny Kaye in the lead role), he also bought the original negative and almost all existing prints, and destroyed them. Harold Lloyd, however, had preserved his own original nitrate release print, which became the source for the new digital video transfer used by TCM. [Fristoe, Roger [ "The Milky Way" (TCM article)] ]


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