List of religious organizations

List of religious organizations

This is a list of religious organizations.

Religious organizations can be classified in many different ways, like organizational structure, teachings, source of inspiration, origins, their age, acceptance by society, intensity of controversy surrounding the organization, number of adherents, etcetera. Hereunder they are listed in alphabetical order.

* American Unitarian Conference
* Ancient Order of the Rosicrucians
* Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis
* Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)
* Church of Reality
* The Church of Satan
* Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans
* Gideon Society
* International Humanist and Ethical Union
* Islamic International Foundation of Cooperation (IslamIFC)
* Knights of Columbus
* Knights of St. Joseph
* Knights of St. George
* List of Ayyavazhi Organisations
* The Odinic Rite
* Pastafarianism
* Promise Keepers
* Roman Catholic Church
* Rosicrucian Fellowship (The)
* Scandinavian Chinese Christian Church
* THC Ministry

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