First Minister for Wales

First Minister for Wales

The First Minister ( _cy. "Prif Weinidog") is the leader of the Welsh Assembly Government, Wales' devolved administration, which was established in 1999. When initially set up under the Government of Wales Act 1998, the title was known as First Secretary (in Welsh "Prif Ysgrifennydd"), as Wales was given a less powerful assembly and executive than Northern Ireland and Scotland. This was also attributed to the fact that the Welsh term for "First Minister", "Prif Weinidog", also translates as "Prime Minister", so a different title was chosen to avoid confusion with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

The official office of the First Minister is in Crickhowell House and the Senedd in Cardiff Bay, however, an office is also kept at the Welsh Assembly Government building in Cathays Park.


Under the arrangements in the Government of Wales Act, 1998, executive functions are conferred on the National Assembly for Wales and then separately delegated to the First Minister and to other Cabinet Ministers and staff as appropriate. Until the Government of Wales Act 2006 these were delegated powers of the UK government. Since that Act came into force in May 2007 however the First Minister will be appointed by the Crown and will represent the Crown in Wales. Whilst this will have little practical difference it is a huge symbolic shift as for the first time in centuries the head of government in Wales will be appointed by the Crown on the advice of the elected representatives of the Welsh people. This makes Wales equal in status to Scotland and Northern Ireland within the devolved structures of the UK, although it still does not yet make its own Acts of Parliament.

This change of title occurred after the Liberal Democrats formed a coalition government with Labour in the Welsh Assembly in October 2000. The Government of Wales Bill (2006) allowed for the post to be officially known as the First Minister and also made the First Minister, "Keeper of the Welsh Seal".

The First Minister will subsequently appoint the Welsh Ministers, Deputy Welsh Ministers and the Counsel General for Wales (collectively known as the Welsh Assembly Government), with the approval of Her Majesty.

Following separation between the legislative and the executive on the enactment of the Government of Wales Act 2006 (upon appointment of the First Minister, 25 May 2007), the Welsh Ministers will exercise functions in their own right and further transfers of executive functions from the UK Government will be made directly to the Welsh Ministers (with their consent) by an Order in Council approved by Parliament.

The First Minister is Accountable/Responsible for:
* Exercise of functions by the Cabinet of the Welsh Assembly Government.
* Policy development and coordination of policy.
* The relationships with the rest of the United Kingdom, Europe and Wales Abroad.
* Staffing/Civil Service

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