The Revolt of Paradise Estate

The Revolt of Paradise Estate

serial_name=45-46 The Revolt of Paradise Estate
writer=David Wise
series= Series 1
length=2 episodes
date=November 14 & 17, 1986
preceding=Crunch the Rockdog
following=Through the Door|

"The Revolt of Paradise Estate" is the seventeenth serial in the United States children's television series "My Little Pony".


A magic spell brings the Paradise Estate to life - and its furniture declares war on the Little Ponies.


Part 1

Sweet Stuff and Paradise work hard to repair the Paradise Estate, but they have little success as the building is literally falling apart. Paradise laments that if this were a storybook, they could make the repairs in an instant with magic - and a wizard appears, offering a can of paint that he promises will do just that. Sweet Stuff is sceptical, but Paradise happily accepts his free sample.

To everyone's amazement, the magic paint repairs all of the flaws in the Estate as soon as it's applied - and furthermore, various items suddenly come alive, able to move and speak. This soon causes tension between the Ponies and their furniture - Posey's garden begins insists on tending itself, Cupcake's kitchenware points out every mistake in her cooking and Cherry Jubilee's exercise equipment pushes her to exhaustion. Only Baby Cuddles and her now-living buggy form a friendship. Soon, the furniture of the Estate decides co-existence is impossible. Clocks, rugs and dressers attack the Ponies, driving them out of their own home...

Part 2

The Ponies go in search of Beezen, the wizard who made the paint. Sneaking away from the group, Baby Cuddles breaks in to the Nursery and is reunited with her buggy. The rest of the furniture turns on the pair, who retreat to the unpainted basement. From there, they see Beezen removing his magic from the gate, passing through unhindered as it is no longer alive.

After a fruitless search, the Ponies consult the Moochic. He watches the Estate through a magic window, and sees the furniture working for Beezen in a terrified state. The Moochic realises this has all been a scheme to steal the Paradise Estate, and the Ponies swear they'll win it back.

Baby Cuddles encourages the furniture to revolt against Beezen, as the Little Ponies lead a charge from the outside. Beezen snuffs all life out of the estate with his wand, then threatens the Ponies with the same. Paradise responds by dumping the remaining paint over Beezen's wand, bringing it to life. The angry wand seeks vengeance on its master, and he is last seen fleeing for his life into the forest as it casts spells at his heels. As the Ponies once set about repairing the now-inanimate Estate, Baby Cuddles sadly curls up in her buggy - and is delighted when it sings her to sleep.


* Includes the songs 'A Fresh Coat of Paint' and 'Remember Those Times'
* After the 'A Fresh Coat of Paint' song, Sweet Stuff's head is partially independent from her body.
* After Cupcake says "I'm gonna have a nervous breakdown!", her hair turns from blue to light pink.
*This is the only two part story that didn't air from Monday through Thursday and still has the "To Be Continued..." message at the end of Part 1.
*In the scene where Beezen gives the ponies the paint, Paradise and Sweet Stuff are accidentally drawn in the wrong bodies-Paradise is an Earth Pony and Sweet Stuff is now a Pegasus.
* When Baby Cuddles finds the buggy, she seems to have teeth for a second when she opens her mouth and feels happy about finding the buggy. Beddy Bye Eye baby ponies aren't supposed to have teeth because the First Tooth ponies are the only baby ponies that actually are meant to have any teeth.

DVD Releases

* USA (Region 1): Disc 4 of "My Little Pony: The Complete First Season"
* Australia (Region 4): "The Magic Coins & The Revolt of Paradise Estate"

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