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Puyo Puyo~n

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"Puyo Puyo~n", also known as "Puyo Puyo 4", is a "well"-type puzzle game "a la" Tetris and Columns. Created by Sega and Compile, it was never officially released outside of Japan. In Japan, it was released for Dreamcast, Playstation, Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color. The Nintendo 64 version, titled "Puyo Puyo ~n Party", was more focused on multiplayer.

The name of Puyo Puyo~n comes from a Japanese pun on yon, the Japanese word for the number four, as this game is fourth in the series.

The player starts with an empty screen into which the puyos fall. Group four of the same colour into horizontal or vertical lines and they disappear. Popping more than four at any one time or executing a combo (where popping one group of puyos rearranges those remaining in the well into such a pattern that they automatically fall into a grouping and also disappear as a result) sends clear puyos over to the opponent's well, possibly spoiling their groupings.

YON gameplay is similar to that of Puyo Puyo Tsu, but adds character powers. Offsetting trash (generating trash while there is already trash waiting to fall on you) and clearing all Puyo from the board now builds up a "charge meter" which allows players to use them. These powers however generally do nothing more than make the games a lot longer than necessary. The game also adds an extra game mode which could be played with a number of different board sizes, smaller or bigger than the standard 6x12, however, it removes several game modes that were present in SUN, i.e. the tournament, task and chain training modes. The art is also vastly different to its predecessors; this style was only otherwise used for Minna de Puyo Puyo.

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