Civic-Minded Five

Civic-Minded Five

The Civic-Minded Five is a fictional superhero team in the Tick comic book series and animated series. They are, like most heroes The Tick encounters, largely ineffective in crime fighting, having powers or abilities that are unusual and almost useless. Their battle cry is "Let's make a difference!"

The team members vary between their comic book series portrayal and their appearance in the animated series. This might be intentional since they are loosely based on such superhero teams such as the Fantastic Four and the Avengers who have a rotating roster of members.

Comic book iteration

  • Feral Boy - He acts like an animal and wears torn shorts.
  • Fernslinger - He was created by Radio King and destroyed by the Chainsaw Vigilante. Based on what the Chainsaw Vigilante said, he was probably plant-shaped. He is never seen.
  • Mr. Envelope - He has a gun that fires envelopes that traps enemies.
  • Oddman - He has a mask with wires coming out of it.
  • Radio King (leader)- He has a radio on his chest. He turns sound into solid objects. He created Fernslinger.

Animated series iteration

  • Captain Mucilage - can shoot a sticky goop from his hands and the top of his head, from a tank on his back. He uses the battle cry "Let’s get sticky!" He looks a lot like Mucilage Man. The character appeared in five episodes of the animated series and was voiced by Rob Paulsen.
  • The Carpeted Man - able to build up a nasty static-electric shock by shuffling his feet on the ground while wearing his full-body carpet suit. It is unknown if the suit provides him any protection from attack, though it does cause him to easily overheat. His first name is Gary. The character appeared in three episodes of the animated series and was voiced by Pat Fraley.
  • Feral Boy - has no superpowers per se, but does bark and growl like a dog and has above average fighting abilities. He also drives the Civic-Minded Five’s car. The character appeared in five episodes of the animated series and was voiced by Kevin Schon.
  • Four-Legged Man - as his name indicates, he has a set of four legs that might let him run faster than other ordinary humans. The character appeared in six episodes of the animated series and was voiced by Roger Rose.
  • Jungle Janet - is muscular, but it is unclear if she actually has superhuman strength, She's also the only one of the five that has had any success in battling crime. Janet wears a Tarzan-like costume with her name proudly displayed on her belt buckle. The character appeared in four episodes of the animated series and was voiced by Susan Silo.

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