Ghost (disambiguation)

Ghost (disambiguation)

A ghost is a paranormal phenomenon, usually thought to be the spirit of a person remaining on Earth after physical death.

Ghost can also refer to:



* Ghost print, a method of mono-printing

Film and television

* "Ghost" (film), a 1990 film starring Demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg, and Patrick Swayze
* "Ghosts" (1997 film), a forty-minute short film produced by Michael Jackson centered around the song of the same name.
* "Ghosts" (2006 film), a 2006 film, directed by Nick Broomfield, telling the story of the cockle-pickers at Morecambe bay, and the events that lead to the disaster.
* "Ghost" (TV series), a Malaysian TV miniseries.
* Ghost (Matrix character), a character in "The Matrix Reloaded" and "The Matrix Revolutions"


* "Bubble Ghost", a video game
* "Ghost (game)", a word game
* Ghost, a vehicle from the video game series Halo.
* "Ghost Recon", a first-person shooter
* Ghost agents, Terran spies in the "StarCraft" series.
* "", a console third-person shooter video game focused around a ghost agent.
* "Ghosts (board game)", a board game
* Ghost, an enemy in Pac-Man.
* Ghost (video games), an opponent whose movement patterns are based on "ghost data" taken from a real player
* "Ghouls 'n Ghosts"
* "Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts", a platform game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System
* Ghost Pokémon, a Pokémon type
* Ghost, the name of one of two main playable characters in the Enter the Matrix video game
* Ghost (Dungeons & Dragons), is an undead monster in the game
* Ghost, the player's co-pilot in the game "Sewer Shark".


* "Ghosts" (play), a play by the Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen
* "The Ghost in the Machine" is a philosophical work by Arthur Koestler.
* Ghost (comics), a number of characters and titles:
** Ghost (Dark Horse comics), a superheroine from Dark Horse Comics and her eponymous comic book series
** Ghost (Marvel Comics), a supervillain, part of the Marvel Universe
** "Ghosts" (DC Comics), a series of supernatural themed comic books published by DC Comics.
** The Ghost (Nedor), a Nedor Comics superhero from the Golden Age of Comics
* "Ghosts" (novel), one of the three novels of Paul Auster's New York Trilogy
* "The Ghost" (Robert Harris novel), 2007 political thriller by Robert Harris
* A ghostwriter is an author who writes under someone else's name
* "Ghost in the Shell" (manga), a Japanese science fiction manga created by Masamune Shirow. For all the sequels and spin-offs see:
** Ghost in the Shell (disambiguation)
* Ghost (Piers Anthony novel), the title of a science fiction novel by Piers Anthony
* "Ghost" (John Ringo novel), a novel by the Military sci-fi author John Ringo
* Ghost is the framing story for the fixup "Crashlander" by Larry Niven
* Ghost, the name of a starring character of the novel "Lost Souls" by author Poppy Z. Brite. He is also featured in numerous short stories by the same author. See: Steve Finn and Ghost
*Ghosts (Harry Potter): The ghosts in the "Harry Potter" series by JK Rowling.


* Ghost note, a purposely unemphasized note in musical compositions
* Ghostly International, a record label


* Amanda Ghost, an associate with James Blunt in the making of You're Beautiful
* Ghost (1984 band), a Japanese rock band, founded in 1984
* Ghost (2004 band), another Japanese rock band, founded in 2004
* Ghost (producer), a British Hip Hop producer
* Ghosts (band), a British indie/pop band
* Ghostface Killah, a New York rapper and member of the Wu-Tang Clan
* Styles P, Yonkers, New York rapper. Member of D-block/The L.O.X. Nickname "The Ghost".
* The Ghost, a post-hardcore band from New York that released This Is A Hospital
* Ivan Moody used the stage name 'Ghost' when he performed in the band Motograter

Albums and compositions

* "Ghost" (soundtrack), the Oscar-nominated score from the 1990 film
* "Ghosts" (Strawbs album), a 1974 album by Strawbs
* "Ghosts" (Sleeping at Last album), an album by Sleeping at Last
* "Ghost" (Styles P album), an album by Styles P and Pharrell
* "Ghosts" (album), an album by Siobhan Donaghy
* "Ghost" (Phish song), a song by Phish on the 1998 album "The Story of the Ghost"
* "Ghost" (Pearl Jam song), a song by Pearl Jam on the 2002 album "Riot Act"
* "Ghosts" (Kansas song), a song by Kansas on the 1988 album "In the Spirit of Things"
* "Ghosts" (Robbie Williams song) is a song by Robbie Williams on the 2005 album "Intensive Care"
* "Ghosts" (Japan song), a hit single by Japan from the 1981 album "Tin Drum"
* "Ghosts" (Michael Jackson), a single by Michael Jackson on the album "Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix"
* "Ghosts" (Albert Ayler), a composition by free jazz saxophonist Albert Ayler
*"Ghosts", a song by Shellac from their 2000 album "1000 Hurts"
* "Ghost" (Neutral Milk Hotel song), a song by Neutral Milk Hotel from their album "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea"
* "Ghosts I-IV", a 2008 album by Nine Inch Nails
* "GHOST", a single by J-Rock group Beat Crusaders


* Faddeev-Popov ghost, an auxiliary field which appears in quantum field theories involving redundancies of description, such as gauge theories
* Pauli-Villars ghost, in quantum field theory, a field whose kinetic term is of the wrong sign
* Tachyon ghosts - hypothetical faster than light particles which can have negative energy.
* Ghosts are also a name for the structures that form when blood is submerged in water. The red blood cells explode, leaving small spheres of phospholipids. These are the "ghosts".
* GHOST (cell line) is a cell line derived from human osteosarcoma cells, which is used in HIV research.


*, a web based operating system
* Ghosting (television), an image on a television screen that doesn't belong to the programme in question
* Ghost (software), a computer disk cloning program
* Ghost (IRC), a technical glitch in Internet Relay Chat
* Ghost (audio), a next-generation audio codec by Xiph.Org
* In stage lighting, a light is considered to be ghosting if it remains lit, despite efforts to turn it off
* In radars, a multipath signal return that incorrectly appears to the radar receiver as a valid target. See: Radar#Clutter
* In object-oriented programming, a ghost is an object with no reference and therefore serves no purpose in the program. See: Object (computer science)#Objects in object-oriented programming


* Hungry ghost realm is one of the realms of samsaric existence in Buddhist belief
* The Holy Ghost is another name for the Holy Spirit in most variations of the Christian religion


* The Ghost Army of World War II


* Ghost, the name for a mind hosted/trapped into a computer by means of mind uploading. Resulting symbiotes are called "ghost computers" or “ghostcomps”. These names have been popularized by David Pulver in his GURPS books, and more recently in the anime Ghost in the Shell, see Ghost in the Shell. See also: infomorph
* To "ghost" can also mean to stalk a group of people, capturing or killing them in swift hit and run attacks. An example of this can be seen in the movie "Predator", where the alien Predator remains hidden as it stalks the soldiers through the forest, picking them off one by one in surprise attacks.
* Ghost, a person believed to be dead, officially or unofficially, when in fact they are not
* Ghost, a person who exhibits skills at stealth and stalking
* Ghost, for a printed book, usually a book which has had many editions, a falsely-listed edition of the book, which was never actually printed was thought to have been printed to scholarly error
* Ghost inhale, a smoking technique not to be confused with a similar technique, Ghost hit, when one inhales smoke from marijuana and holds it, so when he exhales there is no smoke
* Ghost, one possible English transliteration of the Urdu word for a type of lamb curry. See: Ghoust
* Ghost detainee, a prisoner whose existence is not documented or acknowledged by his or her captors
* Ghost light, an explained aerial phenomena seen around the world. May also mean a lone safety light fixture left on stage when the theater is dark or closed
* Ghosts (Hidden Palms), the title of the second episode of the CW Network series "Hidden Palms"
* Ghosts (Psych episode), the title of the first episode of the third season of the USA Network series "Psych"
* Ghosts (game character), Call sign of a fictional U.S. Special Forces Group that are believed to be elite and stealthy
* GHOST is a fictional data scrambling program in the film, "The Pacifier"

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