Run chart

Run chart

A run chart, also known as a run-sequence plot is a graph that displays observed data in a time sequence. Often, the data displayed represent some aspect of the output or performance of a manufacturing or other business process.


Examples could include measurements of the fill level of bottles filled at a bottling plant or the water temperature of a dishwashing machine each time it is run. Time is generally represented on the horizontal (x) axis and the property under observation on the vertical (y) axis. Often, some measure of central tendency (mean or median) of the data is indicated by a horizontal reference line.

Run charts are analyzed to find anomalies in data that suggest shifts in a process over time or special factors that may be influencing the variability of a process. Typical factors considered include unusually long "runs" of data points above or below the average line, the total number of such runs in the data set, and unusually long series of consecutive increases or decreases. (Pyzdek 2003)

Run charts are similar in some regards to the control charts used in statistical process control, but do not show the control limits of the process. They are therefore simpler to produce, but do not allow for the full range of analytic techniques supported by control charts.


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