Topic outline of architecture

Topic outline of architecture

:"For a more comprehensive list, see the List of architecture topics."

Architecture is the art and science of designing buildings. Architectural design usually must address both feasibility and cost for the builder, as well as function and aesthetics for the .

The following topic outline is provided as an overview of and introduction to architecture:

Essence of architecuture

:"Main articles: Architecture and Building design

* Architect
* Architectural style
* Architecture parlante

Subclassifications of architecture

* Religious architecture
* Domestic architecture
* Landscape architecture
* Modern architecture
* Responsive architecture
* Sustainable architecture

Regional and ethnic architecture

* Australian architectural styles
* Canadian architecture
* Georgian architecture
* Iranian architecture
* Islamic architecture
* New York City architecture
* Portuguese architecture
* Spanish architecture
* United States architecture

Architectural education

* Architectural educator
* Bachelor of Architecture
* Master of Architecture
* Doctor of Architecture
* Continuing Education Programs

History of architecuture

* Architectural mythology
* Neolithic architecture
* Ancient Egyptian architecture
* Pyramids
* Armenian architecture
* Coptic architecture
* Dravidian architecture
* Maya architecture
* Sumerian architecture
* Classical architecture
* Mesoamerican architecture
* Architecture of ancient Greece
* Roman architecture
* Incan architecture
* Sassanid architecture
* Byzantine architecture
* Islamic architecture
* Newari architecture
* Buddhist architecture
* Medieval architecture
* Iranian architecture
* Romanesque architecture
* Gothic architecture
* Hoysala architecture
* Vijayanagara Architecture
* Renaissance architecture
* Ottoman architecture
* Baroque architecture
* Neoclassical architecture
* Victorian architecture
* Neo-Renaissance
* Gothic Revival architecture
* Modern architecture
* Postmodern architecture
* Timeline of architecture

Architectural theory

* Architectural endoscopy
* Architecture Description Language
* Architectural design
* Axonometric projection
* Blueprint
* Building code
* Cost overrun
* Forms in architecture
* Mathematics and architecture
* Pattern language
* Proportion (architecture)
* Space syntax

Types of buildings

: "Main articles: Building and List of building types"

* Apartment building
* Bank
* Bar
** Pub
* Basilica
* Casino
* Church
* Conservatory
* Courthouse
* Energy efficient building (Green building)
* Fire station
* Fortification
* Forum
* Gas station
* Hotel
** Motel
* House
* Library
* Market
* Mosque
* Museum
* Office building
* Railway station
* Restaurant
* Shop
* Shopping mall
* Skyscraper
* Stock exchange
* Supermarket
* Temple
* Terminal station
* Warehouse

Structural elements

* Arch
* Atrium
* Beam
* Buttress
* Cantilever
* Column
* Dome
* Facade
* Pier
* Post and lintel
* Span
* Thrust
* Truss
* Vault
* Wall

Building materials

: "Main articles: Materiality (architecture),Building material and List of building materials"

Architectural prizes

* Aga Khan Award for Architecture
* AIA Gold Medal
* Alvar Aalto Medal
* Driehaus Prize
* Emporis Skyscraper Award
* European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture
* Praemium Imperiale for Architecture
* Pritzker Prize
* RIBA Royal Gold Medal
* Thomas Jefferson Medal in Architecture

Architecture lists

:"Refer to: "
* List of architects
* List of architecture firms
* List of architecture prizes
* List of buildings
* List of concert halls

Related fields

* Building construction
* Civil engineering
* Construction
* Environmental design
* Interior design
* Structural engineering
* Sustainable design
* Urban Design
* Urban planning

See also

* Arts
* List of basic design topics

External links

* [ "Times" Architecture]
* [] , published by the Royal Institute of British Architects

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