List of pin-up artists

List of pin-up artists

This is a list of artists who work primarily in the medium of the pin-up. This list is not necessarily complete — if you see a pin-up artist that isn't listed here (or one that shouldn't be but is) please update the list accordingly.


* Martin Abel
* AnnaCas
* Arnold Armitage
* Rolf Armstrong
* Aslan


* Steve Baier
* Joyce Ballantyne
* McClelland Barclay
* Vaughan Alden Bass
* Andrew Bawidamann
* Ben-Hur Baz
* Julie Bell
* Earle K. Bergey
* Roy Best
* Deacon Black
* Dick Bobnick
* Enoch Bolles
* Mark Boyle
* Harry C. Bradley
* Al Brulé
* Duane Bryers
* Al Buell
* Ralph Burch


* Fernando Caretta
* Giovanna Casotto
* Eddie Chan
* Echo Chernik
* Ernest Chiriaka
* Henry Clive
* Forrest Clough
* Howard Connolly
* Bradshaw Crandell
* John Carey


* Edward D'Ancona
* Olivia De Berardinis
* Ruth Deckard
* Joe DeMartini
* Joe DeMers
* Billy DeVorss
* Archie Dickens
* Lorenzo DiMauro
* Jessica Dougherty
* Peter Driben
* Michal Dutkiewicz


* Edward M. Egglestone
* Harry Ekman
* Freeman Elliot
* Gil Elvgren
* Merlin Enabnit
* Jules Erbit


* Paul Fabian
* Art Frahm
* Pearl Frush


* Keith Garvey
* Jacob Gestman Geradts
* Charles Dana Gibson
* Marcus Gray
* Anthony Guerra


* R. Wilson Hammell
* Kim Harlow
* Mabel Rollins Harris
* Susan Heidi
* "Hawaiian" Bryan Hey
* Cardwell S. Higgins
* Greg Hildebrandt
* Hy Hintermeister
* Patrick Hitte
* Josh Howard
* Armando Huerta
* Jon Hul


* Jennifer Janesko
* Barbara Jensen


* Jamie Kidd
* Arnold Kohn


* Bill Layne
* Charlene Lanzel
* Mike Ludlow


* Earl Mac Pherson
* Alayna Magnan
* Malachi Maloney
* Milo Manara
* Ken Martin
* Dominic Marco
* Gianluca Mattia
* Bill Medcalf
* Anna Merli
* M. Miller
* Robert Mills
* Joli Minet
* Frederik Mizen
* Michael Mobius
* Randy Mony
* Al Moore
* Earl Moran
* Zoë Mozert
* K. O. Munson


* Krysztof Nemeth


* Mayo Olmstead
* Walt Otto


* Bettie Page
* Irene Patten
* Laurette Patten
* George Petty
* Jay Scott Pike
* Andrew Posada
* Gene Pressler


* George Quintana
* Tim Quattrocci


* Mel Ramos
* Bill Randall
* TJ Rappel
* Edward Reed
* Luis Royo
* Edward Runci
* Donald L. Rust


* Arthur Sarnoff
* Mauro Scali
* Lou Shabner
* Charles Gates Sheldon
* Charles Showalter
* Robert Skemp
* Francis Smilby
* J. Frederick Smith
* William Fulton Soare
* Hajime Sorayama
* Haddon Sundblom


* Hope Talmon AKA Cyrelle St. James
* Pete Tapang
* Denn Tezzier
* T. N. Thompson
* Les Toil
* Jerrold Tibstra


* Boris Vallejo
* Daniel Vancas
* Si Vanderlaun
* Alberto Vargas
* Rion Vernon


* Bill Ward
* Mark Wasyl
* Ronnie Werner
* Jack Whittrup
* Fritz Willis
* Ted Withers
* Iman Woods
* David Wright (British)


* Dean Yeagle

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