Ability Plus Software

Ability Plus Software

company_name = Ability Plus Software
company_type = Private
foundation = 1985 cite web|url=http://www.ability.com/about/history.php?ln=uk|title=Ability Product History]
location = London, England, United Kingdom
industry = Computer software
products = Ability Office
Ability Write
Ability Spreadsheet
Ability Database
Ability Photopaint
Ability Presentation
Ability Photoalbum
Ability Draw
homepage = [http://www.ability.com www.ability.com]

Ability Plus Software is a global software company.The company's flagship product is Ability Office Professional [cite web|url=http://www.ability.com/about/about.php?ln=uk|title=About Ability Software] , the premier edition of their office suite. Ability's worldwide software distribution is managed by Formjet. Ability Plus has offices in the US. Contact [http://www.ASIability.us Ability USA]


The company was founded in the UK, in 1985, and by the end of that decade, had over a quarter of a million registered users.

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Ability's flagship product has been the subject of many reviews by computer journalism magazines and websites.

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* [http://www.ability.com Ability Plus Software]
* [http://www.formjetplc.com Formjet Plc]

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