Pi Kappa Alpha

Pi Kappa Alpha

Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity (ΠΚΑ) is an international, secret, social, Greek-letter, college fraternity. It was founded at 47 West Range at the University of Virginia in the United States on Sunday evening, March 1 1868.


Pi Kappa Alpha is an international brotherhood composed of 210 student chapters, 9 colonies, and 120 alumni associations. The Fraternity has more than 227,000 members and has maintained the largest average chapter and pledge class size of any international fraternity for most of the past 20 years. [ [http://www.pka.com/infoCenter/about/content.aspx?item=navigable/about/fastFacts.xml PKA Fast Facts] ] Pi Kappa Alpha, through its members, has donated millions of dollars to philanthropic causes and community organizations across North America. Pi Kappa Alpha's vision is to "set the standard of integrity, intellect, and achievement for our members, host institutions, and the communities in which we live"."

The Fraternity is a chapter-based fraternal association. Undergraduate chapter and alumni association delegates gather every two years in an international Convention to elect a board of directors (known as the Supreme Council), and adopt policies for the benefit of the organization. (International Officers, staff and past national presidents also have a vote at the Convention.) The Fraternity's translated name and ritual are heavily-guarded secrets - a tradition of the majority of fraternities that goes back to the days when fraternities were outlawed on many campuses and members could be discriminated against for their affiliation.

Six men are generally recognized as the Fraternity's founders - Robertson Howard, Julian Edward Wood, James Benjamin Sclater Jr., Frederick Southgate Taylor, Littleton Waller Tazewell Bradford and William C. Alexander. (Only four were present at the first meeting and Alexander's membership was subject to a vote.) The reason for their desire to start a fraternity is described in Pi Kappa Alpha's preamble: cquote|For the establishment of friendship on a firmer and more lasting basis; for the promotion of brotherly love and kind feeling; for the mutual benefit and advancement of the interests of those with whom we sympathize and deem worthy of our regard; We have resolved to form a Fraternity; believing that, thus we can most successfully accomplish our object.

Prior to enrolling at Virginia, at least two of the Founders saw action in the American Civil War as young cadets at the Virginia Military Institute. While the chapter at Virginia (Alpha) is the Fraternity's founding chapter, the longest continuously operating chapter is Theta, founded in 1878 and located at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee.

Memorial Headquarters and professional staff

The Fraternity's international headquarters, known as Memorial Headquarters, is located at 8347 West Range Cove in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. The building was dedicated in 1988 as a memorial to brothers who have given their lives for their country while fighting for freedom in the armed forces. The Jeffersonian architecture is a tribute to the Fraternity's founding at the University of Virginia. Prior to the construction of this building, the Fraternity's headquarters was located at what is now known as "King Hall" at Rhodes College in Memphis, home of Theta Chapter.

The Headquarters is owned and operated by the Pi Kappa Alpha Educational Foundation. It houses the professional staff which administers the work of the Fraternity through a variety of corporate entities. Generally, the staff is organized along the lines of fund raising, real estate and member services. A chief operating officer oversees each of those functional areas, with those officers reporting to the chief executive officer.

Member programs

Pike University is the Fraternity's comprehensive educational events, leadership development and recognition program. The first component are the events. Pike University sponsors up to 10 events per year, including Leadership Summits, the Chapter Executives Conference, The Academy, The International Convention, the Volunteer Forum and the True Pike Challenge. Each has its own focus, curriculum and venue. Approximately 2,000 members participate in at least one of these programs annually. The second component is the Scholarship Program. Pike University each year makes available funds for alumni and students to participate in Pike University events. The third component are the International Awards, presented each summer to chapters, alumni associations and individuals who demonstrate exceptional achievement. The fourth component is the Certification Program. Members who attend at least three and five events are recognized at "garnet" or "gold" levels and are afforded special opportunities - such as exclusive eligibility to apply for the True Pike Challenge, an outdoor survival skills course taught in the Utah wilderness by Josh Bernstein of the Boulder Outdoor Survival School. [http://www.pikeuniversity.org]

The Cornerstones is the Fraternity's recently unveiled chapter programming format. It takes the vision, creed and mission and measures chapter achievement against those values. It is also the basis for the International Awards. The Cornerstones lay out the four areas of chapter programming that are critical to effective fraternity experience: membership, operations, brotherhood, and leadership. Each area has further sub-categories that help comprise the basis of the many award applications. These include: alumni relations, athletics, campus involvement, community service, philanthropy, ritual, accountability, management, international Fraternity participation, continuing education, public relations, finances, new member education, risk awareness, and recruitment. [http://www.pikes.org/media/documents/OfficerResources/Cornerstones.pdf]

The Fraternity offers a variety of real estate services for affiliated house corporations. These services include educational programming, capital campaign consultation and primary and secondary lending. A highlight is the International Work Day program, which has grown in participation each year. Chapters that participate in this program sponsor an annual work day at their property, and market the event to parents and alumni. Included in the Fraternity's real estate programs are annual awards for house proficiency and operations. [http://www.pikes.org/student/realEstate/default.aspx]

A Liability Protection Program is also provided for the benefit of the Fraternity's members, chapters, volunteers and corporate entities. It provides support and protection for each within the scope of the Fraternity-related conduct, subject to a variety of exclusions. [http://www.pikes.org/student/content.aspx?item=chapterServices/ca_accreditation12.xml]

Volunteer structure

The Fraternity's governing board, the "Supreme Council", has the authority to appoint a variety of volunteer committees to assist in implementing or monitoring programs. Examples include the "International Education and Recruitment Advisors", the "International Real Estate Advisors" and the "International Risk Awareness Advisors". Other appointments include "International Historian" and "International Chaplain". All of the men who serve in these capacities are considered International Officers, along with former Presidents who hold the title for life by virtue of their election and service.

Prominent Pikes


* Tim McGraw - Country Music Singer
* Darren Massey - Singer for Road to Bremen
* David Nail - Country Music Singer
* Jeremy Piven - actor; "Entourage"
* Jon Stewart - actor, Daily Show Host
* Scott Van Pelt - ESPN Sportscenter Anchor
* Ted Koppel - TV personality
* Buddy Jewell - Country Music Star
* Cody Hanson - drummer for Hinder
* Joe 'Blower' Garvey - guitarist for Hinder
* Josh Bernstein - Explorer, Environmental educator, Discovery Channel host
* Bob Losure - Former Headlines News anchor
* Andrew Baldwin - The bachelor for reality show, "The Bachelor"
* Rick Dees - Radio Personality
* Eric Lloyd - actor; Santa Clause, Santa Clause 2
* Sam E. Goldberg - actor, radio personality
* Fess Parker - TV's Daniel Boone and Vintner
* William Sanderson - actor; "Deadwood" HBO Series
* Will Shortz - Puzzle Creator
* Morgan Woodward - actor; "Dallas", "The X-Files", etc.
* Thor Johnson - Conductor, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
* Wade McElwain - comedian, TV Host
* Josh Schwartz - Creator of "The O.C."
* Bob Oschack - comedian, host; "iVillage live"
* Steve Covino- Radio Personality
* Bud Shank - Jazz Musician; Saxophone and Flute
* E. Tracy Barnes, III - Satellite and Internet radio pioneer
* Paul Penczner- Esteemed artist
* Matt Winer- ESPN Anchor
* Erik 'Latenight' Lindsay - writer,
* Steve Azar, Country Music Writer and Performer


*Gil Amelio - Former CEO of Apple Inc. and National Semiconductor.
*Nolan Bushnell - Founder of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theater
*Harland Sanders - Founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant chain.
* Stephen Covey - CEO FranklinCovey Co., author of "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People"
* Thomas H. Davis - Founder, Former President and CEO, Piedmont Airlines.
* Paul Orfalea - Founder, Former President and CEO, Kinko's
* R. Lamar Durrett - Former CEO, Air Canada
* S. Truett Cathy - Founder and CEO of Chick-Fil-A
* Joe T. Ford - Vice Chairman of Augusta National Golf Course former CEO Alltel
* Charles O. Holliday - CEO, DuPont.
* Bill McCartney - Founder and CEO, Promise Keepers
* Neal Patterson - CEO and Founder, Cerner Corporation
* Jeff Taylor - Founder/CEO of Monster.com
* Kevin Turner - Chief Operating Officer, Microsoft
* Ed Cole - Former President, General Motors Corporation and Former Chairman, Checker Motors Corporation


* Gordon Gee - President, The Ohio State University; Former Chancellor, Vanderbilt University; Former President, Brown University.
* Benjamin B. Graves - First President of The University of Alabama in Huntsville
* Wayne Morse - Former Dean, University of Oregon. Former US Senator
* William H. Willimon - Former Dean of Chapel at Duke University
* Michael David McCoy - Head Physician (Viral Pathogens), World Health Organization
* William Nester - Chancellor Emeritus of the University of Nebraska at Kearney
* Dr. Samuel H. Smith - President Emeritus, Washington State University
* Dr. Andrew Sorensen - Former President, University of South Carolina
* Dr. J. Michael Ortiz - President, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
* Robert F. Vagt - President, Davidson College
* John Lloyd Newcomb - Former President, University of Virginia


* Pete Sessions - US Representative from 32nd Congressional District, Texas
* Thad Cochran - U.S. Senator, State of Mississippi
* Everett M. Dirksen - Former U.S. Senator, State of Illinois
* Jon Kyl - U.S. Senator, State of Arizona
* Charlie Crist - Governor (and former Attorney General) of Florida
* Karl Rove - Former White House advisor to President George W. Bush and Former Deputy Chief of Staff
* Samuel Skinner - Secretary of Transportation and White House Chief of Staff to George H. W. Bush
* J. Strom Thurmond- Former U.S. Senator, State of South Carolina
* Elbert P. Tuttle - Federal Judge and Civil Rights Pioneer
* Nicholas Lampson - Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Texas's 9th District (1997 - 2004) and 22nd District (2006 - present)
* Edward A. Pease - Former U.S. Representative, State of Indiana
* General Richard Seitz - General (Ret.) United States Army
* Louis H. Wilson - General (Ret.), former commandant of USMC
* Donald Regan - Former White House Chief of Staff to Reagan Administration
* Pat Roberts - U.S. Senator, State of Kansas
* John Sparkman - Former U.S. Senator, State of Alabama
* Robert E. Cramer - U.S. House of Representatives, 5th District of Alabama
* Richard Armey - U.S. House of Representatives, from Texas, former Republican Majority Leader
* Tom Bevill- U.S. House of Representatives, 4th District of Alabama (which was numbered as the 7th from 1967 to 1973).


* Lance Alworth - Pro Football Hall of Fame
* Cam Colvin - Star Wide receiver for Oregon Ducks, and Forty Niners
* Bobby Bowden - head football coach, Florida State University
* Matt Doherty - head basketball coach, Southern Methodist University
* Jeff Feagles - NFL player - New York Giants, University of Miami
* Wes Fesler - College Football Hall of Fame
* Frank Sinkwich - Heisman Trophy winner, University of Georgia
* Dan Issel - Denver Nuggets GM; former coach and NBA player, inducted into NBA Hall of Fame
* Horace Grant - NBA player, Chicago Bulls
* Hubert Green - professional golfer
* Breaux Greer - USA Olympic Javelin - (1996, 2000, 2004, 2008) (University of Louisiana - Monroe)
* Matt Hansen - PGA golfer
* Chris Myers - NFL player, Denver Broncos, University of Miami
* Kyle Orton - NFL quarterback, Chicago Bears
* Todd Pletcher - Thoroughbred Trainer
* Steve Prefontaine - Olympic runner, (University of Oregon)
* Joel Rodriguez - NFL player, Tennessee Titans, University of Miami
* Howard Schnellenberger - head coach, Florida Atlantic University (1983 National Champion with University of Miami).
* Gino Torretta - 1992 Heisman Trophy winner, University of Miami
* Eric Winston - NFL player, Houston Texans, University of Miami
* Gus Frerotte - NFL player, Minnesota Vikings
* Dustin Colquitt - NFL player, Kansas City Chiefs
* Jake Voskuhl - NBA player, Charlotte Bobcats
* Esera Tuaolo - former NFL player
* Will Overstreet - former NFL player , Atlanta Falcons, University of Tennessee
* Fred Hoiberg - Former Minnesota Timberwolves player, as well as Chicago Bulls
* Kermit Davis - Head Men's Basketball coach, Middle Tennessee State University
* Pat Bowlen - Owner, President, and Chief Executive Officer of the Denver Broncos

External links

* [http://www.pikes.org/ The Official Pi Kappa Alpha Website]
* [http://www.pka.com/infoCenter/about/content.aspx?item=navigable/about/fastFacts.xml Pi Kappa Alpha Fast Facts]
* [http://www.pikeuniversity.org Pi Kappa Alpha's Leadership and Educational Program]
* [http://www.pikefoundation.org Pi Kappa Alpha's Educational Foundation]


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