Central vowel

Central vowel

A central vowel is a type of vowel sound used in some spoken languages. The defining characteristic of a central vowel is that the tongue is positioned halfway between a front vowel and a back vowel. The central vowels identified by the International Phonetic Alphabet are:

* close central unrounded vowel IPA| []
* close central rounded vowel IPA| []
* close-mid central unrounded vowel IPA| []
* close-mid central rounded vowel IPA| []
* mid central vowel IPA| []
* open-mid central unrounded vowel IPA| []
* open-mid central rounded vowel IPA| []
* near-open central vowel IPA| []
* open central unrounded vowel IPA| [a] (unofficial but most frequent usage)

Occasionally, the "ad hoc" symbols Unicode|ᵻ, ᵿ Unicode|(ɪ, ʊ) for near-close central vowels will be seen.

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