Vagabond (comics)

Vagabond (comics)


real_name=Priscilla Lyons
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut="Captain America" #325 (Jan 1987)
creators=Mark Gruenwald and Paul Neary
powers=Trained combatant|

Vagabond, the alter ego of Priscilla Lyons, is a superhero that has appeared in different books published by Marvel Comics. She has primarily appeared in series associated in some way with Captain America.

Fictional character biography

Priscilla met Jack Monroe and told him how her brother, Phil, had ended up working for the Miami drug kingpin, the Slug. Jack promised to rescue the man but he didn't want to be rescued. Phil betrayed Jack to the Slug and Jack was injected with drugs and thrown overboard to drown. In the meantime, Priscilla had contacted Captain America, who saved Jack and defeated the Slug. The fate of Phil is unclear.Priscilla became romantically involved with Jack and stayed with him and other associates at the mansion of Demolition Man. She trained with D-Man, causing jealousy but nothing happened between the two. The two parted ways over a disagreement about the morality of breaking out of jail or waiting for their day in court. She would later go on to be a failed Scourge, a group of vigilantes who assassinate super-villains. While successfully undergoing the training, she finds herself unable to kill her first target, an apparently reformed villain who now watches his sister's children in low income housing. Fearing retribution from the Scourge organization, she seeks help from the West Coast Avengers emergency help line. The U.S. Agent answers her call, and the two of them shut down the Scourge operation.

The Initiative

Priscilla is being considered as a "potential recruit" for the program, according to "Civil War: Battle Damage Report".

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