Binder (surname)

Binder (surname)

Binder is the surname of:
* Abraham Binder (1895-1966), American composer
* Claudia Kristofics-Binder
* Eando Binder
* Franz Binder (1911-1989), Austrian football (soccer) player and trainer
* Hans Binder
* Julius Binder (1870-1939), German jurist
* Karin Binder (b. 1957), German politician
* Károly Binder
* Markus Binder (born 1963), Austrian musician, producer
* Maurice Binder (1925-1991), American film technician
* Max Binder
* Mike Binder
* Otto Binder
* Paul Binder (1902-1981), German politician (CDU)
* Raj Binder, see Shaun Majumder
* Stefan Binder (b. 1978), German football (soccer) player
* Rolf Binder, Master Australian Winemaker, Rolf Binder Wines (aka Veritas Wines)

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* Binder (disambiguation)
* Pinder

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