Gaeru of Baekje

Gaeru of Baekje

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Gaeru of Baekje (?-166, r. 128-166) was the fourth king of Baekje, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea. According to the history compilation Samguk Sagi, he was the son of the previous king Giru.


In 132, he founded Bukhan Mountain Fortress in present-day Goyang city, Gyeonggi, South Korea. Baekje fought off many Goguryeo (the northern Korean kingdom) invasions from this fortress, and the 5th king Chogo based his northward campaign on it.

Baekje's relationship with the southeastern rival Silla was peaceful for most of his period of reign.

However, in 165, a Silla minister named Gilseon (길선/吉宣) failed his coup d'etat attempt and fled to Baekje. Gaeru gave him refuge despite the Silla king Adalla's written request for his return. Silla subsequently attacked Baekje, and a broad war over the Sobaek Mountains ensued.


The Samguk Sagi states that Gaeru's eldest son became the 5th king Chogo and the second son became the 8th king Goi. This chronological inconsistency is thought to indicate a power struggle between two royal lines. The 21st king Gaero (also known as Geungaeru) apparently took Gaeru's name to assert the legitimacy of this lineage.


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