Principense language

Principense language

Infobox Language
name = Principense
nativename = "Lunguyê"
states = São Tomé and Príncipe
speakers = 200 [ [ Ethnologue] ]
familycolor = Creole
fam1 = Creole language
fam2 = Portuguese Creole
fam3 = Afro-Portuguese Creole
fam4 = Gulf of Guinea Creole
iso2=cpp |iso3=pre

The Principense language, called "lunguyê" ("Language of the Island") by its speakers, is spoken in a community of couple of thousand people in São Tomé and Príncipe, but today is mostly spoken by some elderly women, almost all of them on the island of Príncipe. Today, most of the community in the island speaks Portuguese; some also speak Forro.

Principense presents many similarities with the Forro on São Tomé and may be regarded as a Forro dialect. Like Forro, it is a creole language based on Portuguese with substrates of Bantu and Kwa.


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* [ Principense] Ethnologue report on Principense.

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*Portuguese Creole

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