Angolar language

Angolar language
Spoken in  São Tomé and Príncipe
Native speakers 5,000[1]  (date missing)
Language family
Portuguese Creole
  • Afro-Portuguese Creole
    • Gulf of Guinea Creole
      • Angolar
Language codes
ISO 639-2 cpp
ISO 639-3 aoa
Linguasphere 51-AAC-ad

Angolar, also Ngola (Lungua N'golá) is a minority language of São Tomé and Príncipe, spoken in the southernmost towns of São Tomé Island and sparsely along the coast. It is a creole language, based partially on Portuguese with a heavy substrate of a dialect of Kimbundu (port. Quimbundo), a Bantu language from inland Angola, where a number of black slaves were taken to this island. Angolan residents and tourists speaking Portuguese and Kimbundu are surprised when they hear this Creole which is almost similar to their dialect.


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