Shughni language

Shughni language

Infobox Language
nativename=IPA|xuγ̌nůn ziv
states=Afghanistan (20,000), Tajikistan (40,000)
speakers=approximately 60,000
fam4=Eastern Iranian
fam5=Southeastern Iranian
script=Arabic, Cyrillic, Latin

Shughni is one of the Pamir languages of the Southeastern Iranian language group. Its distribution is in the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province in Tajikistan and Badakhshan Province in Afghanistan.


* Karamšoev, Dodchudo K. (1988-99). "Šugnansko-russkij slovar". 3 vols. Moskva: Nauka. ISBN 5-02-016991-9 (Vol. 2), ISBN 5-02-018101-3 /ISBN 5-02-017858-6 (Vol. 3)

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