Rex Ziak

Rex Ziak

Rex Ziak (pronounced "zeek") is a writer, historian, tour guide and documentarian who lives in Naselle, Washington. Best known for his Lewis and Clark studies, he is the author of "In Full View." ["In Full View (A True and Accurate Account of Lewis and Clark's Arrival at the Pacific Ocean, and Their Search for a Winter Camp Along the Lower Columbia River)" (Moffitt House Press, 2002)] After careful study of the expedition's journals and of the geography of the Columbia River estuary, Ziak precisely delineated the final leg of the expedition's approach to the Pacific Ocean.

In 2004 Ziak testified before Congress in support of the Lewis and Clark National and State Historical Parks. ["Lewis and Clark: Down and Up the Columbia River" (Moffitt House Press 2005), inserted matter] The next year he published a fold-out map and guide to the route taken by the expedition. ["Lewis and Clark: Down and Up the Columbia River" (Moffitt House Press, 2005)]

As a documentarian and cinematographer, his work under assignment from ABC Television received an Emmy in 1993. As a local activist and regional historian, he has served as a consultant to the City of Long Beach and as a board member of the Pacific County Friends of Lewis and Clark. Ziak has also run unsuccessfully for local political office.


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