Yambol Province

Yambol Province

Yambol is a town with province in south eastern Bulgaria, neighbouring Turkey to the south. Its main city is Yambol, while other towns include Straldzha, Bolyarovo and Elhovo. It has an area of 3336 km² and, according to the 2001 census, a population of 156,631. The current population is estimated at 141,157.


Yambol Province is divided into the following municipalities:

History and background

The motto of the town of Yambol is "Coming from the remote past, going to the future". Archaeological findings in the area date back to the year 6000 BC, to the time of Roman Emperor Diocletian's reign when the castle, called Diospolis, was built on the location of the present modern town. The best preserved historical sites, dating back to the fifteenth century, are the bazar "Bezisten" and the mosque "Esky Djamia", which have been restored and are functioning at present. Other historical sites of interest are the prehistoric tumulus by the village of Drama, the remains of Yambol Mediaeval castle and the Monastery of the Middle Ages in Voden.

Yambol is home to the ancient settlement of Kabile, a national archaeological reserve and a nature preserved site, being the most important Thracian settlement in Bulgaria. In modern study of ancient Thrace it has already been proved that Kabile was the most prominent political, economic and religious centre from the first millennium BC. The archaeological investigations of the ancient city that have taken place in the last thirty years have revealed a great number of artefacts (stone inscriptions, coins, ceramic ware and remains of building activities) dating from times over a millennium long history. Most of the discovered artefacts have already been published and used as a data for archaeological and historical studies.

Famous residents

Yambol is the native place of the popular artists George Papazov and John Popov. The computer inventor John Atanasoff has family roots in the district - his father was born in a village Boyadjik, which is near Yambol.

Topology and natural resources

The Tundja River, the fourth of its size with an earth embankment, flows through the district, and mineral water wells are found near the village of Stefan Caradjovo. The territory of the area covers the middle part of the river valley, the Bakadjitsi, parts of the Svetiliiski, Derventski and Manastirski uplands, with the hilly plain relief predominating 100-150m above sea level. The northern areas of Tundja valley are characterized by a trans-continental climate, while the southern parts have a typical continental/Mediterranean climate. The average annual temperatures are between 12 and 12.5°C.Agricultural lands take 76.9% of the whole district territory, and the forests 15.5% of it. The wood resources include elm, willow, poplar and oak.

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