Plovdiv Province

Plovdiv Province

Infobox Province of Bulgaria
Cyrillic = Област Пловдив

Capital = Plovdiv
Municipalities = 18
Area = 5,973 km²
Population = 755,570 GRAO
Density = 126 persons/km²
LicensePlate = PB
Governor = Todor Petkov
Website =

Plovdiv is an "oblast" in central southern Bulgaria (formerly part of Eastern Rumelia), onе of the 28 Bulgarian provinces. It comprises 18 municipalities (общини, "obshtini", sing. общинa, "obshtina"); its administrative centre is Plovdiv.


It includes parts of the Upper Thracian Plain, the Rhodopes, Sredna Gora, the Sub-Balkan valleys and Stara Planina, including its highest peak Botev (2, 376m). The main rivers in the province are Maritsa, Stryama, Pyasachnik. There are numerous dams, the most important of which is Pyasachnik. Mineral springs are abundant, there are several major spa resorts- Hisarya, Narechen, Banya and minor spas at Klisura, Asenovgrad, Kuklen, Rosino, Krasnovo, Stoletovo and others. There are many natural landmarks, especially in the Central Balkan National Park, including the spectacular waterfall Raysko Praskalo, the highest in the Balkans.


The economy of the province is of great importance. The agricultural production is intensive and efficient with high levels of irrigation. The major crops are fruit (apples, plums, pears, cherries), grapes, melons and watermelons, vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, carrots, cabbage, potatoes), wheat, rice, barley and others. Industry is very well developed: ferrous metallurgy near Plovdiv; thriving electronics industry in Plovdiv, Saedinenie, Voivodinovo, Radinovo and other villages in the area; agricultural machinery (tractors) in Karlovo, weapon and military plants in Sopot, Karlovo, Plovdiv; chemical industry in Plovdiv, Asenovgrad; food industry is developed almost everywhere, most notably in Plovdiv and Asenovgrad (wines). Tourism is a growing industry with the rich cultural heritage of the province and the numerous mineral springs which are of international importance.


The province's capital is the city of Plovdiv, other towns include Karlovo, Sopot, Klisura, Kalofer, Hisarya, Saedinenie, Rakovski, Brezovo, Stamboliyski, Krichim, Perushtitsa, Sadovo, Parvomay, Asenovgrad, Laki, Katunica, Yiagodovo.


The region contains 18 municipalities:
* Asenovgrad
* Brezovo
* Hisarya
* Kaloyanovo
* Karlovo
* Krichim
* Kuklen
* Laki
* Maritsa
* Parvomay
* Perushtitsa
* Plovdiv
* Rakovski
* Rodopi
* Sadovo
* Saedinenie
* Sopot
* Stamboliyski

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