Sorood-e Shahanshahi Iran

Sorood-e Shahanshahi Iran

"Sorood-e Shahanshahi Iran" or "Imperial Salute of Iran" (in Persian: سرود شاهنشاهی ایران) was the national anthem of Iran from 1933 until the Islamic Revolution of 1979, when the monarchy was abolished. The anthem was chronicled the exploits of the Shah and his dynasty.


Translation of the long version

:Long live the Shah, our King of Kings, :And may his glory make immortal our land. :For Pahlavi improved Iran :A hundredfold from where it once used to stand. :Though once beset by the foemen's rage, :Now it has peace in his keeping sure; :We of Iran, rejoice in ev'ry age. :Oh, may God protect him both now and evermore. :Oh, Sun that shines on Iran's banner, :Shed upon each nation rays strong and fair. :Those days keep in our recollection :When thy flashing sword brought peace everywhere. :We give our lives in thy shade benign, :And take the lives of each enemy. :We are the heirs of Kianis' line; :Oh, beloved land, ever wholly thine are we. :Of Right we've been and still are champions. :What is right is all we ever demand. :Through worship of the King, we ever :From the enemy will guard this our land. :"Good Deeds" the first virtue of our call, :"Good Thoughts" the light our hearts and minds to guide, :And through "Good Speech" shining, one and all, :This is Iran's fame that will echo far and wide.

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* [ Imperial National Anthem] - A YouTube video of the Imperial Iranian National Anthem.
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