Landscape design

Landscape design

Landscape design is similar to landscape architecture. Landscape Design focuses more on the artistic merits of design, while Landscape Architecture encompasses the artistic design as well as structural engineering. Landscape design and Landscape Architecture, both take into account soils, drainage, climate and other issues, because the survival of selected plants depends on those. Landscape Architecture may require a license depending on the country and region (a license is needed in most USA states). In Oregon, for example, a Landscape Contractor licensed with the Oregon Landscape Contractors Board, may provide levels of landscape architecture and design as long as that landscaper does not assign the title "landscape architect" to themselves. Landscape designers may be required to have a license, depending on the level and detail in the design plan, as well as the location. Landscape design landscape planning is concerned with small and large scale projects. The establishment of landscape plants over a period of time is not landscape design, but is considered "landscape management". Landscape design is almost synonymous with garden design. Landscape architecture and landscape design can, and should, embrace garden design, landscape management, landscape engineering, landscape detailing, landscape urbanism, landscape assessment and landscape planning.

Traditionally, landscape designers and architects have used pencil and paper to plot the position of plants and other landscape features. Landscape design software has become a popular choice since the advent of the personal computer.

Practically speaking, landscape architecture and landscape design are almost one in the same, if done properly according to the science, knowledge and skill that should be utilized. Some Landscape Designers are licensed Landscape Architects. Sometimes, professionals must call themselves "Landscape Designers" because local laws and rules prevent advertising as "Landscape Architects" without that level of license.

There are also licensed Landscape Contractors who perform landscape design. They may employ landscape designers.

Culturally, Landscape Architects are frequently associated with larger projects, and Landscape Designers are associated with smaller projects. But in actual practice, that's not the case 100% of the time.

In the landscape design profession, "Landscape Architecture" is generally the name of the more advanced level of college education pertaining to landscape design.

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