Kicker may refer to:


* Kicker (American football), a position in American and Canadian football
* Kicker (sports magazine), a well-known German sports magazine
* Kicker (extreme sports), a type of ramp used to help an athlete gain higher altitutudesfact|date=February 2008
* Kicker, the German colloquial term for a football (soccer) player


* Kicker (Rapper), a rap music artist from West Chester, Pennsylvania


*A Kicker (poker) or side card, a card in a poker hand that does not itself take part in determining the rank of the hand, but that may be used to break ties between hands of the same rank
* Kicker is an add-on lottery game played with Mega Millions in the Ohio Lottery, or with Cash 5 in the Connecticut Lottery (the two Kickers serve different purposes)

Other games

* "Kicker" is the alternate title of the 1985 Konami arcade video game, Shao-Lin's Road
* Kicker, the German and Belgian word for foosball (American), tafelvoetbal (Dutch) and Babyfoot (French)

Other uses

*Kicker (KDE), the taskbar for the K Desktop Environment
* Kicker (Oregon tax rebate), a refund distributed to taxpayers in the U.S. state of Oregon when state revenue exceeds expenditures by a certain margin
* Kicker (Transformers), a Transformers: Energon character
* Kickers is also the name of a European clothing and footwear brand whose shoes were quite popular during the 1970s-80s among football supporters (casuals)
* Kicker (kicker systems), a powerful magnet system used to deflect particle bunches in high energy physics machinesfact|date=February 2008
* Kic Ker is South Korean company Crown's equivalent of Kit Kat.fact|date=February 2008
* Kicker, a 1960s-influenced British garage pop band on London's Track & Field record labelfact|date=February 2008
* Kicker motor, a small auxiliary outboard motor on a motorboat or sailboat, usually used for low speed operation (such as fishing), or as a backup for the primary means of propulsion
*Kicker, a piece of additional information printed as an accompaniment to a news headline.fact|date=February 2008 It is a subordinate clause and comes in present tense. The point size is usually smaller and is placed on top of the headline. When it is placed under the headline it is called a rider. It is a term common with journalists, especially sub editors
* Kicker (lighting)
*The word "Kicker" (short for "Shit-Kicker") is known in parts of Texas as slang for Cowboy or Redneck
* On a sail boat, the boom vang

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