Corona (disambiguation)

Corona (disambiguation)


A corona is the outer atmosphere of a star.

Corona may also refer to:

Astronomy and space science


  • Corona (genus), a genus of large tropical land snails
  • Corona, in plant flowers, an additional structure between the petals and the stamens
  • Corona, two ciliated anterior lobes of a rotifer
  • Corona glandis, the circumference of the base of the glans of the penis


  • Corona theorem (or corona conjecture) about the corona of the unit disk in complex analysis
  • Corona algebra (or corona) of a C*-algebra
  • Corona set (or corona) of a topological space

Other sciences

  • Corona (meteorology), a phenomenon in which coloured rings appear around the Sun or the Moon
  • Corona discharge or corona effect, an electrical discharge around a conductor
  • Corona poling, treatment of a material to enhance electro-optic properties
  • The last phase of a drop's impact on a liquid surface






  • "Corona" (song), by The Minutemen
  • Corona (group), Italian music group best known for hit single "The Rhythm of the Night"
  • The Coronas, a rock band from Dublin
  • Corona, a group of people at a cantus (Dutch drinking and singing party)
  • The corona, the circle of clergy or singers who surround the altar, origin of the term choir

Art, fiction, and literature


See also

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