Bjørg Lødøen

Bjørg Lødøen

Bjørg Lødøen (born Oslo, December 7, 1931) is a Norwegian painter, graphics artist, and composer. [Translated from the Norwegian Interwiki sites] Her work is on display in several Norwegian and European museums, and can also be found in the U.S.

Lødøen studied painting at Statens kunstakademi under Professor Alexander Schultz. After graduation, she traveled and studied art throughout Europe. Her skill was recognized by a number of grants, including:
* State Academy of Fine Art grant 1960
* Th. Fearnleys grant 1960
* State Life Grant for Artists 1977-1999

With her solo exhibitions, and as a composer for Rolf Aamot’s movies for cinema and television, Bjørg Lødøen captures and visualizes the energy of our invisible reality. Her paintings and music have been recognized as created in a unique physical and spatial language. The scale of her work ranges from the intimate to the monumental.

elected works


*The Artistgallery , Oslo 1961 paintings and drawings
*Oslo Art Society, 1966 paintings
*Permanenten, Artist House, Oslo 1973 permanent exhibition-paintings
*Porsgrunn Art Society, 1973 paintings
*The Artist House, Oslo 1976 paintings, visual music,in correlation to Rolf Aamot's exhibit.
*Bergen Art Society, 1994 laser exhibition in correlation to Rolf Aamot's exhibit.
*Gallery Bjerke, Oslo, 1996
*Oslo Town Hall Gallery, 1999 . (Solo Exhibition of large scale painting (3 to 5 meters), 1999 [] )
*Kongsvinger Art Society, 1999 paintings and large watercolors
*Svor Museum i Hornindal i Nordfjord, 2000 large watercolors and paintings

Paintings and watercolor

[ "Sunflowers in Eclipse"]

[ Exhibiton of Bjørg Lødøen (watercolour and oil on canvas)]


* "Visual" (1971); music/music production
* "Progress" (1977); music/music production
* "Puls" (1986), 3. part; music/music production
* "Medusa" (1986), a composition by Bjørg Lødøen and Rolf Aamot; in which Lodoen is a visual actor


* "Kinetic Energy" (1967-68), music/recording
* "Vision - en film om Gustav Vigeland" (1969); music/recording
* "Structures" (1970); music/recording
* "Actio" (1980); music/recording


* "Norwegian Artist Encyclopedia". Nr. 2, 1983. Universitetsforlaget, Oslo.

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* [ Bjørg Lødøens official website]
* [ Rolf Aamot official website]


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