Hartwick College

Hartwick College

name = Hartwick College

motto = Historical: "Ad Altiora Semper" "Always on to Higher Things" Marketing: "Connecting the Classroom to the World"
established = 1797
type = Private
president =Margaret L. Drugovich
city = Oneonta
state = NY
country = USA
undergrad = 1,537
postgrad = 0
staff = 170
campus = Main academic campus: convert|425|acre|km2 Environmental campus: convert|920|acre|km2
free_label = Athletics
free = Name: Hawks; Division I: (men's soccer and women's water polo); Division III: all other teams
colors = Wellesley blue and white
website= [http://www.hartwick.edu/ www.hartwick.edu]

Hartwick College is a non-denominational, private, four-year, liberal arts and sciences college located in Oneonta, New York, in the United States. Hartwick has 170 faculty members and 1520 students from 38 states and 29 countries, and the student-faculty ratio is 11.5-1 [http://www.hartwick.edu/x575.xml] .


Hartwick Seminary was founded in 1797 through the will of John Christopher Hartwick, a Lutheran minister from Germany, who led several mission congregations of early settlers along the Hudson River and the Mohawk River in what is now upstate New York. Shortly after his death, his dream of establishing an institution of higher learning became a reality with the founding of Hartwick Seminary in 1797. The New York State Legislature in 1816 incorporated the new school--the first Lutheran seminary in America--as a classical academy and theological seminary, in the Town of Hartwick. The school moved to its present location in 1928 with land donated by the City of Oneonta, when it was incorporated as a four year college. The college's ties to the Lutheran Church ended in the 1960s and now carries no religious affiliation.


Hartwick offers 31 courses of study leading to a Bachelors of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree, including four pre-professional programs (pre-law, pre-engineering, pre-med, and pre-allied health professions), five cooperative programs (business, engineering, law, occupational and physical therapy, and nursing), as well as academic minors. The college also offers an education certification program.Hartwick College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, the National Association of Schools of Music, the National League for Nursing, the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. [http://www.hartwick.edu/x575.xml [1] ] The American Chemical Society also approved the bachelor of science degree program in chemistry. [http://www.hartwick.edu/x575.xml [1] ] U.S. News & World Report ranked Hartwick College in the third tier for Liberal Arts Colleges. [http://www.usnews.com/usnews/edu/college/directory/brief/drglance_2729_brief.php]

Study abroad

Hartwick College was recently ranked 10th among colleges and universities nationwide by US News & World Report's "America's Best Colleges 2006" for the percentage of students who study abroad.Approximately 86 percent of Hartwick students participate in study abroad programs during their four years at Hartwick, with 198 students participating in study abroad programs in 2002-03. Fact|date=February 2007

Pine Lake Environmental Campus

Hartwick College acquired the [http://www.hartwick.edu/x506.xml Pine Lake Environmental Campus] in 1971 from the Neunzig family. Hartwick currently owns convert|920|acre|km2 in West Davenport, approximately convert|8.2|mi|km from the main campus by Interstate 88 (though there are parallel roads ideal for bicycles as well). Eleven buildings, including eight cabins, are available for student residence during the school year. Bailey (4), Redwood 1 (3), Redwood 2 (2), Outbacks 1,2,3 (2 each), Crossroads (2), Robertson Lodge (8), The Apartment (2), the Farmhouse (4), and the recently completed Hill and Dale 2 (2). Other buildings include the Manager's House, home to the resident manager of 20 years and his family; Strawbale, a straw insulated cabin created by Hartwick's "Architecture of the Sacred" course as well as the Cob House. The Vaudevillian is an arched building, which looks similar to a gymnasium in the inside, used for showing movies, contra dances, indoor festivals, and other events. The Lakeside Classroom is a one room building used on occasion for non-science courses. The science courses that come to Pine Lake often use the R.R. Smith Field Station, which has a small classroom area, a computer lab area, and two lab rooms.

Living and Learning at Pine Lake

Pine Lake residence is open to all full-time Hartwick students, and a wide range of interests converge at Pine Lake. Common majors include biology and art, although everything including nursing, psychology, business, and outdoor recreation, religious studies, and other majors can be found there. Residence at Pine Lake is different from campus life. The major difference between students living at Pine Lake versus a dorm, is that the Pine Lake residents specifically chose this arrangement away from campus. Reasons for living at Pine Lake vary, but often include: appeal of living in a cabin, living by a lake, being part of a close community, access to hiking trails, and the strong bond between Pine Lake residents.

PL9 - The Pine Lake Shuttle

Pine Lake owns a blue Chevrolet Venture, stickered with the Hartwick College logo and Pine Lake Shuttle, that is seen driving around campus and to/from Pine Lake often. The current shuttle system was relaunched by a Pine Lake resident in the spring of 2005, and continues to be used extensively to this date. PL9 holds 7 (including driver) and shuttles 8-18 students per day (mean 7.8 in 2006, 10.5 in 2007, 13.0 in 2008). Free to use, Pine Lake offers work-study to student drivers that are able to drive the van on a regular basis. The shuttle van follows a schedule to/from the Robertson Lodge at Pine Lake and across from Clark Hall, with new pick-up times determined each semester to accommodate the most people.


The Robertson Lodge and the Field Station are the only buildings at Pine Lake which offer an internet connection, and both are wireless networks. The Lodge also has a television with media players and a digital cable connection. A pay-phone in the foyer of the Lodge is the only public phone available. The cabins have phone jacks, but only a phone line when activated by the students (this is atypical due to cost and cell phones).

Each cabin is heated primarily by a wood-pellet burning stove, one of the most efficient methods today. Wood pellets are provided by the school at no cost to the students, and are bought from a local furniture manufacturer in Stamford, NY. Each cabin also comes with beds, desks, furniture, a full kitchen including an oven, range and refrigerator, and a bathroom. Students all live in single occupancy bedrooms (with the exception of Crossroads, a studio apartment) and housing costs are similar to a single room on campus. Although Pine Lake cabins are rustic, they all have electricity and running water.


Activities are often held at Pine Lake such as Eco-Art Festival, Pine Lake Day, Pot Luck dinners for gallery openings in the Lodge, Solstice parties, Bread and Puppet Theater, Contra Dances, Awakening (the freshmen pre-orientation program), The Annual Chili Cook-Off, the Local Food Cook-Off, and a series titled "Conversations at the Lake." There are often campfires and impromptu gatherings. Boats can be borrowed and used on the lake during the warmer months, and during the summer months there are lifeguards on duty, weather permitting.

Pine Lake's facilities are also available to Hartwick College staff, faculty, their families and their guests, as well as [http://www.hartwick.edu/x446.xml public members]

There is an extensive trail system around the lake and on the northern side of the road, also called the Upper Tract. Trail maps for the Lower Tract were made last summer by GPS by a student living at the Pine Lake campus and are available in the office of the Lodge. Three trails lead up the Upper Tract and end at Mud Lake, a slowly enclosing lake surrounded by a bog. Several trails on the Lower Tract go by the swamp, and the "back field", over ridges and through old housing sites. Mountain bikes are also used on the trails, but motorized vehicles are not allowed. The Pine Lake Environmental Campus is a well-conserved and beautiful tract of land so many residents, college students, and local community members make good use of the trails.

The Pine Lake Club installed a disc golf course with nine baskets between the lake and the back field near the Holton Memorial Trail. The course is open year-round with discs available in the Office.

Environmental Awareness

On May 14, 2004 Hartwick signed the Talloires Declaration with involves a broad range of institutions worldwide all working on sustainability in higher education. One of the 10 points on this declaration is to "Practice Institutional Ecology," where Hartwick fails significantly. Currently, a limited amount of recycling containers are located on campus, and of those, few are used by students due to their inadequate quantities, poor location choices, and lack of creative labeling. While it is state law in New York to recycle, the facilities staff of Hartwick have been interviewed and attest to the fact that even materials from the recycling bins are combined with the regular trash (except for cardboard and refundable cans and bottles).

The new academic building, Golisano Hall, is an extraordinary building of “greenwashing”. Two drastically different promotional articles have been published about this new facility. One states that it is the only LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building in the city of Oneonta and county of Otsego, while the other expands on the "electronic classroom" concepts of using electronic-whiteboards that are constantly using power to upload documents to the web instead of using dry erase markers or chalk, which are far more sustainable options.

Arnold Hall Controversy

As of late April 2008, discussions about how sustainable a new building is while an old one is scheduled to be torn down have erupted. On May 4th 2008, the "Friends of Arnold Hall" painted the front entrance green and posted a sign saying "Save Me" above the door. A petition to save the hall was also started, and accumulated over 400 signatures from students, staff and faculty. President Miller attended an on campus roundtable discussion involving students and faculty on May 7, in which he agreed to mention the issue to the board of trustees who were visiting campus the following day. The president then sent a campus-wide email outlining his discussion with the executive committee of the board of trustees, which indicated that it was too late to prevent the tearing down of Arnold. The "Friend of Arnold" and others maintained that as long as Arnold Hall was standing, it was not too late to voice concerns.

Proponents of the original proposal to tear down the hall also started a petition to move forward with the planned demolition, though their support was meager compared to that of the Friends of Arnold.

Arnold Hall was demolished in September of 2008, after classes began for the 2008-2009 school year. Plans to establish a "green space" in the area formerly occupied by Arnold Hall are in development.

Campus activities

Hartwick offers students many student run activities, through a variety of clubs (approximately 60) with a wide variety of topics. The student governing body known as Student Senate oversees the constitutions and budgets of every club. Some of the most well known clubs include Student Union, which hosts weekly events on Fridays in Laura's Cafe and weekly movies on Sunday nights in the Anderson Theater; a variety of honor societies for various majors and minors, campus activism groups for topics like Fair Trade, local environmentalism and School of America; and a variety of special interest clubs for a large variety of interests ranging from academic to leisurely.

Many class events are organized by 'Wick S.A.A. (Student Alumni Association) including OozeFest, which is a mud volleyball tournament, the Sophomore Barbecue, the Junior Pig Roast, and the Senior Banquet.

The campus newspaper is Hilltops, which has a weekly publishing schedule. Some columns include "Minds of the Roundtable", "Athlete of the Week", "The Comic Book Corner", and "DSquared".

Civic Engagement OrganizationsBeyond Boundaries,Circle K,Society of Sisters & Brothers United (SOSU/BU)

Diversity OrganizationsBiGala+,International Club,P.A.L.S. (Pluralism Associates League for Students),Society of Sisters & Brothers United (SOSU/BU),Students of Caribbean Ancestry,Women's Center

Performance GroupsBallroom Dancing Club,Cardboard Alley Players--Theatre Club,Dance Team,Not So Sharp,Orchesis Dance Club

Student Government & ProgrammingStudent Senate,Student Union

Student MediaHilltops--Student Newspaper,WRHO 89.7 FM

Fraternities and sororities

Hartwick College currently has 6 registered Greek Life groups:

Fraternities: Alpha Delta Omega, Alpha Sigma Phi, Tau Kappa Epsilon

Sororities: Alpha Omicron Pi, Gamma Phi Delta, Phi Sigma Phi

Greek Life at Hartwick has been threatened in recent years (and several Greek groups have been expelled from the campus) due to several incidents of extreme hazing and degradation of aspirants, and the feelings of some members of the Hartwick faculty and administration that Greek life is a distraction from academics. The school requires certain service commitments from the remaining Greeks at Hartwick, who maintain that "the Greeks at Hartwick College have been working very hard to uphold their reputation and continue to have a good name for themselves. Between their community service hours, their numerous activities and involvement on campus, their annual freshmen move in help, and many other projects, the Greeks have been doing a fine job for themselves and for others both on campus and throughout the Oneonta community."

Greek Clubs include All-Greek, Panhellenic Council, Up 'til Dawn (St. Jude's), and others.

Notable alumni

Listed alphabetically:
*Scott Adams '79, creator of Dilbert
*T.J. Allard '96, actor
*George Bruno '64, Ambassador to Belize, 1994-97, appointed by President Bill Clinton
*Mike Burns '93, former professional soccer player
*Charles D. Cook '56, former New York State senator (1935-2001)
*Stephen L. Green '60 Chairman of SL Green Realty Corp, the largest landlord in NYC.
*Tyler Hemming '07, professional soccer player (Toronto FC midfielder)
*Harold E. Hyde '33, 10th President of Plymouth State University (NH) [http://www.plymouth.edu/imagine/history/past/hyde.html]
*John W. Johnstone '54, former chairman & chief executive officer of Olin Corp, a Fortune 500 Company
*Clarence MacGregor, former justice of the New York Supreme Court and United States representative (1919-1928)
*Harold Clark Martin '37, 14th President of Union College (NY) [http://www.union.edu/About/presidents_of_union/martin.php]
*Nancy Morris, '74, Secretary of the US Securities & Exchange Commission
*Glenn "Mooch" Myernick '77, professional soccer player and coach
*Andrew Sambrook '00, professional soccer player (Gillingham FC, Rushden & Diamonds, Grays Athletic)
*James L. Seward '73, New York state senator
*Erick Sprague '94, Lizard Man, a freak- and sideshow performer

External links

* [http://www.hartwick.edu Hartwick College, Oneonta, New York]
* [http://users.hartwick.edu/wrho WRHO-FM, 89.7, 'The Voice of Hartwick College']
* [http://www.hartwickdigital.com Hartwick Digital, the Digital Art & Design dept in the Hartwick School of Art]
* [http://www.hdvtv.org HDVTV.org is Hartwick Digitals Virtual Television Station]

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