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* Badìa Fiorentina, an abbey in Florence, Italy, is founded by Willa, Margravine of Tuscany.
* Ethelred II becomes king of England at age 10, following the assassination of his half-brother King Edward the Martyr.
* The revolt of Henry II, Duke of Bavaria against Otto II ends.


* The Wu-Yue State is forced to surrender to the Chinese Song Dynasty.
* One of the Four Great Books of Song, the "Tàipíng guǎngjì" is a Chinese encyclopedia documenting various stories of Chinese myths and subjects of theology. Divided into 500 volumes, it consists of over 3 million written Chinese characters.


* Princess Zoe of Byzantium, later Empress of the Eastern Roman Empire
* Yaroslav I the Wise, prince of Novgorod and Kiev


* March 18 — King Edward the Martyr of England, (by supporters of his half-brother)
* Abraham of Alexandria, Coptic pope
* Li Houzhu, last Chinese emperor of the Southern Tang (b. 936)

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