Rayburn Range

Rayburn Range

The Rayburn is a type of stove similar in nature to the AGA. Indeed they are manufactured in Telford at the same factory as the AGA.

The Rayburn was launched in 1946 with two hotplates, and one or two ovens and the ability to heat water. They improved upon existing designs by having easily adjustable oven temperatures (competitors were dependent upon the heat produced by the fire at their heart). The original Rayburn came in a cream vitreous enamel finish. They were originally made in a factory in Falkirk which at the peak of production produced 1500 units per week, many of which are still in use today.

In 1968 the first oil-fired Rayburn was produced. It was basically the same as the solid fuel model with the firebox replaced by an oil burner which was designed to burn continuously.

1971 saw the introduction of the first Rayburns capable of providing central heating. The early models could only supply a few radiators.

The move to the AGA factory in Ketley, Telford occurred in 1972.

The first natural-gas fired range was introduced in 1974 just after the British gas conversion. Initially it did not provide central heating, but a central heating version was soon introduced.

A multi-fuel solid fuel range was added to the collection in 1979. It was able to burn any type of solid fuel including coal, wood and peat. It could run 5 radiators in addition to heating water and cooking.

During the 1980s came a great increase in the technology allowing a greater range of colours and higher heat outputs to be obtained.

In 1994 further technological improvements saw the introduction of a whole new range of ranges. At around this time Rayburn introduced various Rayburn brand cooking implements such as pans.

Modern Rayburns are classified into two categories - Cookmasters, which cannot run radiators and Heatmasters which can. Unlike the Aga, Rayburns are still available in solid fuel or wood fuelled versions.


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