British Rail Class 10

British Rail Class 10

Infobox Locomotive
name = British Rail Class 10
powertype = Diesel-electric

caption = D3452, at Bodmin on 28 August 2003. This locomotive is preserved on the Bodmin & Wenford Railway
roadnumber = 13137–13166; later D3137–D3166, D3439–D3453, D3473–D3502, D3612–D3651, D4049–D4094
builder = British Railways' Darlington Works and Doncaster Works
builddate = 1953–1962
totalproduction = 161
gauge = RailGauge|ussg|lk=on|al=on
primemover = Blackstone ER6T
transmission = DC generator, DC traction motors, double reduction gearing
tractionmotors = "D3152–D3166:" BTH, 2 off
"Remainder:" GEC nose suspended, 2 off
whytetype = 0-6-0
uicclass = C
wheeldiameter = convert|4|ft|6|in|m|3|abbr=on
minimumcurve =
trainbrakes = Vacuum
locobrakeforce =
wheelbase = convert|11|ft|6|in|m|2|abbr=on
length = convert|29|ft|3|in|m|2|abbr=on
width = convert|8|ft|6|in|m|2|abbr=on
height = convert|12|ft|8+1/2|in|m|2|abbr=on
weight = convert|48.6|LT|sigfig=3|lk=on
topspeed = convert|27.5|mph|km/h|0|abbr=on|lk=on
poweroutput = "Engine:" convert|350|hp|0|abbr=on|lk=on
tractiveeffort = "Maximum:" convert|35000|lbf|kN|1|abbr=on|lk=on
"Continuous:" convert|11100|lbf|kN|1|abbr=on
trainheating = None
multipleworking = Not fitted
axleloadclass = RA 5
railroad = British Railways
The British Rail Class 10 diesel locomotive was a variation on the Class 08 diesel-electric shunter in which a Blackstone diesel engine was fitted instead of one made by the English Electric company. Traction motors were by either the General Electric Company plc (GEC) or British Thomson-Houston (BTH).

The locomotives were built at the BR Works in Darlington and Doncaster over the period 1953-62. Early batches were classified D3/4 (those with GEC motors) and D3/5 (those with BTH motors).

Technical details

* Engine: Blackstone 6-cylinder, 4-stroke, ER6T
* Traction motors:
** 2 x BTH motors (D3152-D3166)
** 2 x GEC nose suspended motors (remainder)


Five Class 10 diesel shunters are currently preserved:

*D3452 at Bodmin and Wenford Railway
*D3476 at Colne Valley Railway
*D3489 at Spa Valley Railway
*D4067 at Great Central Railway
*D4092 at Barrow Hill Engine Shed

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