Loa (disambiguation)

Loa (disambiguation)

Loa can refer to:

* Loa, the spirits of the Vodoun religion practiced in Haiti
* Loa (comics), a comic book character
* Loa (Spanish play), an introductory theatrical piece
* Loa Falkman, a Swedish singer and actor
* Loa loa filaria, a worm which causes loa loa filariasis
* "Loa (roundworm)", the genus of loa filaria.
* El Loa Province in Chile
* Loa River in Chile
* Loa, Utah
* Loa, Burkina Faso

LoA or LOA can refer to:
* Law of Attraction
* Lawrence of Arabia (film)
* Leave of absence
* Length overall, length of a ship
* Library of America
* Life of Agony, a New York hardcore/hard rock band
* Lords of Acid, a Belgian based acid house band

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