Frontier (disambiguation)

Frontier (disambiguation)

Frontier may refer to:

*Frontier, a political and geographical term referring to areas near or beyond a boundary, or of a different nature
*Frontier, North Dakota, a place in North Dakota
*Frontier, Saskatchewan, a village in Saskatchewan
*Frontier, Wyoming, a place in Wyoming
*Frontier County, Nebraska
*Frontier No. 19, a rural municipality in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

*Frontier Aircraft - an aircraft development company, now part of Boeing; also exists as Karem Aircraft Inc.
*Frontier Airlines, a low-cost airline based at Denver International Airport in Denver, Colorado, United States
*Frontier (company), a telephone company that provides service serving rural communities in 24 states of the United States
*Frontier Developments, a British computer and video games development company
*Frontier Economics, a London based economics consultancy
*Frontier Records, a record label
*New Frontier Hotel and Casino, formerly a hotel and casino located on the Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada

*, a computer game written by David Braben and published by Gametek
*, a sequel to Frontier: Elite II
*Frontier (pinball), a pinball game manufactured by Bally

*Frontiers Records, a record label

*Frontier Thesis, the theory about the meaning of the American frontier

*Nissan Frontier, a small/midsize pickup truck produced by Nissan Motors

*Frontier (scripting), a scripting environment for Apple Macintosh by Dave Winer, UserLand
*Frontier (software), an a.o. outliner by Dave Winer, UserLand []

*Boundary (topology), also called a "frontier", the set of points which can be approached both from S and from outside of S

;TV series
*Digimon Frontier, the fourth season of the Digimon series.
*Frontier (1968 TV series), British television series from 1968
*Macross Frontier, the latest installment in the Macross anime series universe.

;See also
*Dark Frontier
*Final Frontier

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