Frankie Brady

Frankie Brady

Infobox soap character
name = Frankie Brady
series = Days of our Lives
portrayer = Billy Warlock
first = 1986
last = 2006
cause =
creator =

caption1 =

caption2 =

caption3 =
nickname =
alias = Frankie Donner (name when he first came to Salem)
François Von Leuschner (birth name)
gender = male
born =
death =
age =
occupation = lawyer
title =
residence = Washington, D.C.
parents = Henri Von Leuschner (biological father, deceased)
Shawn Brady (adoptive father, deceased)
Caroline Brady (adoptive mother)
siblings = Carly Manning (biological sister)
Roman Brady (adoptive brother)
Kimberly Brady (adoptive sister)
Kayla Brady (adoptive sister)
Maxwell Brady (adoptive brother)
Bo Brady (adoptive maternal half-brother)
spouse =
romances = Jennifer Rose Horton
Paula Carson
Eve Donovan
children =
grandchildren =
grandparents = Patrick Aloysius Brady (adoptive maternal great-grandfather)
Nora Molly Brady (adoptive maternal great-grandmother)
aunts/uncles = Eric Brady (adoptive paternal uncle, deceased)
Colleen Brady (adoptive paternal aunt, deceased)
Molly Brady (adoptive paternal aunt)
cousins = Colin Murphy (adoptive paternal cousin, deceased)
relatives = Carrie Brady (adoptive niece)
Eric Brady (adoptive nephew)
Samantha Brady (adoptive niece)
Rex Brady (adoptive nephew)
Cassie Brady (adoptive niece)
Andrew Donovan IV (adoptive nephew)
Jeannie Donovan (adoptive niece)
Stephanie Johnson (adoptive niece)
Shawn-Douglas Brady (adoptive paternal half-nephew)
Chelsea Brady (adoptive paternal half-niece)
Zack Brady (adoptive paternal half-nephew, deceased)
Ciara Brady (adoptive maternal half-niece)
Will Roberts (adoptive maternal grand-nephew)
John Roman Roberts (adoptive maternal grand-nephew)
Alice Caroline Horton (adoptive maternal grand-niece)
Claire Brady (adoptive maternal half-grand-niece)

Frankie Brady (née François Von Leuschner) is a character on the American soap opera "Days of our Lives".

The role of Frankie was played by veteran Emmy-Award winning actor Billy Warlock from July 1986 to October 1988, from November 1990 to July 1991 and from June 26, 2005 to November 24, 2006. In 1990, Christopher Saavedra played the character in a flashback sequence.

Frankie, along with his younger "brother" Max were adopted by the Brady clan in the mid-80s. Frankie is now a lawyer and single, living in Washington D.C.

Character History

Frankie eventually returned to Salem in the summer of 2005, keeping an eye on his younger brother Max. He and Max soon moved into the garage apartment at Jack and Jennifer's (recently vacated by Patrick Lockhart), and it became clear (to viewers) that Frankie was not over Jennifer. It was discovered when Frankie accidentally found a letter written by Jenn 20 years ago that Jenn did love him very much when they were teenagers. Jenn tried to explain the letter and it ended up causing Frankie to break down in tears. Jenn started to cry herself. They both managed to pull themselves together, pushing that into the back of their minds.

Frankie was initially concerned about Max's romantic involvement with their niece, Chelsea, but his storyline soon centered around his now close friend Jack Deveraux when he learned that Jack was dying and Jack wants him to look after Jennifer when he passes. Frankie finally agreed, and stayed, if only to keep trying to convince Jack to tell Jen about his seemingly fatal illness. Jack insisted he wants to kept it quiet, claiming it is to save his family the slow angst of watching him die.

At some point during the winter of 2005, Jack disappeared, and everyone assumed he was dead after finding his car went over an embankment near a river, even tho they did not find Jack's body. Frankie was torn over keeping Jack's promise, or letting Jennifer deal on her own, with the help of her family; he finally decided on the latter, and went to leave town. But a fall on some ice resulting in a broken leg ends up keeping Frankie in Salem, and he and Jen mourn Jack together, eventually growing closer over the next few months.

Cut to summer 2006, Jen and Frankie are about to get married, while we find out that the disappearance of Jack was because he snuck off to a private hospital somewhere to die on his own. Except he is not dead yet, and he found his long-lost brother Steve, who was also thought to be dead, except now he has no memory of being Jack's brother. For their own reasons, they get each other to go back to Salem together. They end up at the church, and Jack accidentally crashes Jen and Frankie's wedding...

Over the next few months, Jen, Jack, and Frankie are living together, and Frankie uses his connections to try and find a cure for Jack, insisting they are not letting him die so easily this time. Meanwhile, Jen angsts over her old feelings for Jack and her new commitment to Frankie. The three are stuck in rare type of triangle in which all three really care about each other, and just don't want to let go.

But finally, it seems that Jack is completely cured, thanks to Frankie's research and treatments at the hospital and whatnot. Jack and Jen go on some reporting assignment, and get sort of kidnapped, and amidst the adventure of escaping, rediscover their feelings for each other.

After getting back to Salem, Jack and Jen are in the hospital for the last time- Jack is cleared to go home. Jennifer has made her choice, and she and Jack have a tearful parting with Frankie, who is understanding as he always knew Jack was her number one, and although it breaks his heart, he knows she'll be happy, and that's all that ever mattered.

Later, in September 2006, Jack and Jen accept a London job, and although Frankie stays in Salem a little while longer to help with some court cases, he soon leaves to work at a firm in Washington, D.C.

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