Colby Pirates

Colby Pirates

The Colby Pirates were a group of pirates that operated as privateers at the peak of the hostilities between Britain and France during the French and Indian war. They operated for the British King George III in the Great Lakes frontier of the British North American colonies. In the late 18th century, they were led by George Colby.

Unlike the pirates of the Spanish and Caribbean seas, the Colby Pirates operated largely without large and fast ships, using mock light houses to cause unsuspecting French merchant ships to run aground, making them easy prey. Once stranded, the Colby Pirates used small vessels to plunder the cargo of the helpless French ships. After the signing of the Treaty of Paris, King George III officially disbanded the Colby Pirates, revoking their status as privateers as their service to the Crown was no longer needed.

This action is the last known record of the Colby Pirates, and it is assumed that they were assimilated into British settlements in the Great Lakes region.

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