Spiritist healing

Spiritist healing

The "pass" ("passe", in Portuguese) is one of the central tenets of Spiritism. It consists on a type of blessing that is carried on those who wish to receive it, usually after a regular meeting, in a room especially designed for this.

The ritual must be carried on in a quiet, private and dimly-lit room, sometimes built behind the meeting room. The attendants sit on stools or chairs with their backs against a wall while the mediums stand before them.

The attendant is expected to sit in silence, with the eyes closed and the mind clear from impure thoughts. He/she is asked to stay in prayer, but without producing sound, trying to high his/her thoughts.

It is not necessary, in the pass room, to produce any kind of sound. Before the pass is done it is necessary to do the "cleaning" of the spiritual body of the attendant, in order to apply the pass with clean and renewed energy from the medium (the animal fluid supplier) but with the permission and assistance of the spiritual friends, this time, imposing the hands over the head or over the chakras/force centres (according spiritual prescription). The mediums are not supposed to touch any of the parts of the body of the sitting person. In the process the mediums may identify someone who is seriously in need of spiritual care and invite this person for a medium meeting later on, but this is not usual. But this latest process depends on the way the Spiritist centre works.

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