Kathy Brookman

Kathy Brookman

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name=Kathy Brookman
portrayer=Malandra Burrows
years=1985-2001, 2005
first= 26 November 1985
last= October 2005
father =Malcolm Bates
mother = Caroline Bates
brothers = Nick Bates
nieces = Alice Bates| spouse = Jackie Merrick (1988-1989)
Chris Tate (1991-1994)
Dave Glover (1996)
Tom Brookman (2003-)

Katherine Elizabeth Brookman (née Bates; previously Glover, Tate and Merrick, ) was a fictional character on the ITV soap opera "Emmerdale". She was played by Malandra Burrows.


When Kathy Bates arrived in Emmerdale, with her mother and brother, she was studying for her Advanced Level (UK)|A-Levels. She stopped these studies when Alan Turner offered her a job. She worked at Emmerdale Farm, and in 1988 set up a Farm Shop with Dolly Skilbeck.

First marriage

Kathy fell in love with Jackie Merrick, however they broke up and Kathy had a fling with Tony Marchant. Kathy and Jackie soon got back together and became engaged. They got married on February 3 1988. Jackie accidentally shot himself on August 16 1989 while out hunting with Seth Armstrong. Kathy Merrick took a long time to get over the event, especially as she was pregnant at the time. Kathy then took Jackie's job looking after the sheep at Home Farm and miscarried after contracting the disease chlamydiosis.

econd marriage

Kathy Merrick then got involved with Chris Tate, the son of millionaire Frank Tate who owned Home Farm Eastate. They married on November 5 1991. However Chris was increasingly preoccupied with his business and Kathy ended up having an affair with Josh Lewis. Kathy stayed with Chris after the plane crash left Chris paralysed, but the marriage finally collapsed in 1994 when Chris had an affair with Rachel Hughes. On discovering that Rachel was pregnant with Chris's child, Kathy threw her husband out of his wheelchair. However, Kathy was present when Rachel went into premature labour and the two women became best friends. Kathy was named as godmother to Chris and Rachel's son, Joseph.

Kathy used her divorce settlement from Chris to set up a tea-rooms called "Kathy's Diner".

Third marriage

Moving on from Chris, Kathy started a relationship with Dave Glover, one of the Tates' employees. However, Dave too had been seeing somebody else - Kathy's former stepmother-in-law Kim Tate. When Kim went back to Frank, Kathy and Dave reunited and married on November 28 1996, but it wasn't long before Dave was seeing Kim again. Kim and Dave planned to run away with her son James, believing that Dave was the father. Dave died in a fire at Home Farm on Boxing Day 1996, trying to save the baby that he thought was his. James eventually turned out to be Frank's child.

In 1999, Kathy was ditched at the altar by her fourth fiancée Biff Fowler (Dave's previous brother-in-law).

The curse of Kathy

Kathy was subject to many disasters. She was involved in the plane crash, when her then husband, Chris, became bound to a wheelchair. She was run over, as Kim and her second husband Steve stole a horse from the Tates. She was subject to an attempted murder by Graham Clark, who had previously killed Kathy's best friend Rachel. She was also in the accident which killed Butch Dingle when the community bus was hit by the Tate Haulage lorry. Kathy was then imprisoned for protesting against the Haulage company.

In 2000, when Jack Sugden was arrested for the murder of his estranged wife, Sarah, Kathy moved into the farm to look after Jack's children, Andy, Robert and Victoria. Kathy nearly had a mental breakdown when Robert and Andy would not stop arguing and the herd of cows contracted tuberculosis.

Kathy's first three husbands had all perished by 2003, although she had been divorced from Chris Tate when he died.


Kathy left Emmerdale to go to Australia with her niece, Alice Bates, when Alice's mother Elsa Feldmann wanted her to move over there. While in Australia, Kathy met and married her fourth husband.

Kathy returned in 2005 when she was going to bring back Seth Armstrong to his long-term companion Betty Eagleton. However Seth died on the flight back to Emmerdale, so Kathy stayed for the funeral before going back to Australia. Kathy's ex Biff also returned at this time, but they did not see each other.

In December 2006, Alan Turner flew out to Australia and visited Kathy for a month.

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