David and Goliath (clothing)

David and Goliath (clothing)

David and Goliath is a clothing company founded in 2000 in the United States of America, out of Clearwater, Florida. Primarily a clothing company, they also produce sleepwear with various designs, books, bags, and other accessories. Most of the art used on their merchandise is traced, often from clipart or other artists' work.

The company are notable for the slogans that they produce on some of their products, such as "Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them!". They produce this and similar shirts, with slogans such as "Boys are smelly", "Boys have cooties", and so on. Masculist groups claim that the shirts support anti-male sentiments. Others feel that they encourage children to become participants in the battle of the sexes. [Jeffrey Zaslow. [http://www.careerjournal.com/columnists/movingon/20050422-movingon.html 'Evaluating the Latest Twist In the Battle of the Sexes'.] "The Wall Street Journal Online" 22 April, 2005.] [Clay Evans. [http://www.dailycamera.com/bdc/opinion_columnists/article/0,1713,BDC_2490_3964393,00.html Recruiting Kids into Gender Wars'.] "Daily Camera" 30 July, 2005.] The company says that their shirts are meant only to be humorous.

In response to a campaign against the shirts, several retail chains that carried the clothing, including Dapy, K-Mart, Disney Store, and Nordstrom, have withdrawn some of the products from their shelves, however many new products as of 2004 are available from specialty and department stores, as well as online merchants.

David and Goliath also received some criticism from feminist groups. [ [http://lauredhel.livejournal.com/208717.html Selective and Arbitrary - Re-victimisation for fun and profit: more Goliath, less David ] ] Recently, David and Goliath pulled a shirt reading: "No Means No... well maybe if I'm drunk" from their online store after several feminist websites criticized the shirt. [ [http://tobestalks.blogspot.com/2008/02/feminist-blogs-made-difference.html Hear me Roar: Feminist blogs made a difference ] ] Subsequently, another shirt titled "Miss Bitch" appeared. [ David and Goliath [http://www.davidandgoliathtees.com/index.php?mode=DETAIL&parent=HWT&pid=6203&page=3&perpage=16] ] The description of the shirt appeared to refer to the removed shirt's critics. [ [http://feministing.com/archives/008708.html#comments Feministing ] ]

David and Goliath is run by Todd Goldman.


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* [http://feministing.com/archives/008708.html#comments]
* [http://tobestalks.blogspot.com/2008/02/feminist-blogs-made-difference.html]
* [http://lauredhel.livejournal.com/208717.html]

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