The Nude Pube Banglers

The Nude Pube Banglers
The Nude Pube Banglers
Background information
Origin Norway
Genres Heavy Metal, Rock, Punk
Years active 2000–present
Labels Chorus Of One Records, Provincial Revenge Records, HR Records
Dr. Wilhelm, Trynet, Torez, Bresjnev, Oddwar


The band

The Nude Pube Banglers are a Norwegian rock band, combining such punk rock influences as the Poison Idea and the Dead Boys, with hardcore, blues and rockabilly. Originally formed in the year 2000 in the provincial town of Steinkjer, the band is now operating out of Oslo, frequently touring Norway as well as Scandinavia.

The group started out as a six piece outfit playing gothic folk rock, Vamp style, but soon took on a harder beat as their fan base expanded from rural Steinkjer and into urban areas such as Trondheim and Oslo. By early 2001 the band's violin player had left, making the metamorphosis into a punk rock band complete.

First recorded material reveal a heavy punk rock influence (Highway EP), but during the recent two years, the band has been exploring other genres; notably east coast hardcore mixed with blues. The resulting sound, trademarked as Banglerism, has moved the band away from so-called Scandi-rock and into the less dogmatic realm of hard rock.

Over the years, there has been frequent changes of the line-up for various reasons. Recently, El Hijo left the group, being replaced with Trynet wrestling the bass.

Line Ups

2000-2001: Eirik (Haukur) Vocals and Harmonica, Espen (Skarphedin) Violin and percussion, Anders (Ormstunge) Bass, Karl Oskar (Balder) Lead Guitar, Polly (Fenris) Guitar, Morten (Loke) Drums,

2001: Eirik Vocals, Kurt Guitar, Rune Bass, Polly Lead Guitar, Lasse Drums,

2001-2004: Eirik Vocals, Anders Guitar, Polly Lead Guitar, Rune Bass, Anders Drums,

2004: Eirik Vocals, Anders Guitar, Polly Lead Guitar, Rune Bass, Håvard Drums,

2004-2006: Eirik (Dr. Wilhelm) Vocals, Anders (Bresjnev) Guitar, Oddvar (OddWar) Lead Guitar, Rune (El Hijo) Bass, Håvard (Torrez) Drums,

2006–present: Eirik (Dr. Wilhelm) Vocals, Anders (Bresjnev) Guitar, Oddvar (OddWar) Lead Guitar, Sigve (Trynet) Bass, Håvard (Torrez) Drums,



Juggernaut (2008, Chorus of one records)

New Wave Of Norwegian Hard Rock (2007, Chorus of one records)


"Highway" 2001 (HR Records)

"Sexual Famine" 2005 (Provincial Revenge Records)

Contributing on samplers:

"Norwegian Nihilism" 2001 (HR records)

"Ta barten" 2004 (Hold Brillan plater)

"Leaving home; A Norwegian tribute to the Ramones" 2006 (Seafront/Tuba)


The band had a radio hit on Norwegian national radio (NRK) in winter 2002 with the title track from "Highway" EP

The band was refused to play at UFFA in Trondheim in 2001 due to accusations of crypto-fascism

Former bass-player El Hijo has joined Captain Poon of Gluecifer in his new project, Bloodlights

Between changing drummers in late 2004, Jonas Thire from Oslo-rockers Amulet stepped in for the Sexual Famine EP-sessions

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