name = Anisodus

image_width = 250px
image_caption = "Anisodus luridus" leaves
regnum = Plantae
divisio = Magnoliophyta
classis = Magnoliopsida
ordo = Solanales
familia = Solanaceae
genus = "Anisodus"
genus_authority = Link ex Sprengel?

"Anisodus" is a genus of flowering plant in the family Solanaceae. It is native to China, Tibet, India, Bhutan, and Nepal.

One species, "A. tanguticus" (zh-tp|t=|p=shān làngdàng), is one of the 50 fundamental herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine.


*"Anisodus acutangulus" C. Y. Wu & C. Chen
**"Anisodus acutangulus" var. acutangulus
**"Anisodus acutangulus" var. breviflorus C. Y. Wu & C. Chen
*"Anisodus carniolicoides" (C. Y. Wu & C. Chen) D'Arcy & Z. Y. Zhang
*"Anisodus luridus" Link
*"Anisodus mariae" Pascher
*"Anisodus tanguticus" (Maximowicz) Pascher

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