Bloom (Winx Club)

Bloom (Winx Club)

Winx club character

color= background:#10FFFF
name= Princess Bloom
performer= Liza Jacqueline (4kids Version)
pixie= Lockette Pixie of Portals
age= 16
birthday= December 10th/January 27In the 4kids dub, Bloom's birthday is changed from December 10 to January 27. A minor inconsistency in the second episode of the 4Kids version's third season has Bloom stating that her birthday "is not 'til December", coinciding with the Rainbow version.]
origin= Planet Sparx/Planet Domino(Itallian version only)In the 4kids dub, Bloom's home planet, Domino is renamed "Sparks" or "Sparx".]
Affiliation= Alfea, Winx club
abilities=The legendary Dragonfire(Dragon's Flame)
appearance= Una fata a gardenia(A fairy in gardenia)/It Feels Like Magic
astrologic sign= Sagittarius/Aquarius

Bloom is a fictional character from the animated series, "Winx Club". She is the show's major character and is the informal leader of the group, and her first appearance was in Una fata a Gardenia (translation: "A Fairy in Gardenia") (4kids dub: "It Feels Like Magic"). Bloom is voiced by Liza Jacqueline in 4kids version, Alisa Beykina in Rainbow English dub, Hystamy Troylikova in original Italian version.

Personality Profile

Bloom was born on December 10th in Domino (Sparx in another version of the show). She was born into royalty. Queen Miriam and King Oritel. Shortly after birth, her planet was attacked by a coven of witches (the Trix's ancestors) who sought to retrieve the Dragon's FlameIn the 4kids dub, Dragon's Flame was renamed to "Dragon Fire"] from Domino. During this battle, the lively culture and population was decimated. In a final sacrificial act to ensure that the Dragon's Flame did not fall into the wrong hands, Bloom's older sister, Daphne, sent her into a portal that lead to another planet, Earth. At the beginning of season one, Bloom was 16-years-old.

On Earth, Bloom appeared in a building that her father Mike, a firefighter, was dousing. Mike rescued Bloom and eventually adopted her. Bloom's adoptive mother was Vanessa, a florist. Bloom grew up to have an uneventful childhood and had no awareness of her true origins. In her youth, she received a gift, her close pet rabbit Kiko and met her nemesis, the snobbish and arrogant Mitzi.

In her late teens, Bloom encountered Stella fighting at a local park with Knut, an ogre. Just as Stella was about to be defeated, Bloom, surprisingly, used a magical attack and turned the fight in Stella's favour, and both of them were able to defeat Knut. Stella, impressed with Bloom's power, encouraged her to attend to Alfea, the prestigious school for fairies which Stella studied at. Curious about developing her powers and eager to find out where they came from, Bloom agrees, after convincing her parents.

Life in Alfea: The first year

At Alfea, the school for fairies, Bloom and Stella shared the same dormitory, meeting Flora, Musa and Tecna, their fellow roommates. They became friends and soon, on a trip to Magix, they were attacked by a trio of witches, otherwise known as the Trix, as Bloom had been spying on them.

After constant attacks, the Winx Club gained the attention of Ms. Faragonda, the headmistress of Alfea. After an attack on Musa in Magix, the girls learned that the reason for the constant fighting was that the Trix were seeking to get the power of the Dragon's Flame, and after a fight in which Bloom unleashed an enormous amount of energy, they were soon convinced that Bloom had it. Unfamiliar with the term Dragon's Flame, she sought the guidance of her headmistress and was told the history of Domino. Bloom herself would not know that she had this power until the Trix later succeeded in taking it, leading to a series of journeys for Bloom to regain what she had lost.


Bloom has red hair, blue eyes, medium skin tone,and an almost-as-pretty-face-as-Stella's. Her daily outfit consists of a blue and yellow midriff shirt, spangled blue colored jeans and yellow wedge sandals. She occasionally (from season 2 onwards) wears a blue and white striped shirt with little pink hearts, a denim miniskirt with over-the-knee blue socks and lace up blue high-heeled boots. She sometimes wears a T-shirt with a single heart on it.

Her Winx outfit is a sparkly blue top decorated with a gold jewel at her chest, a matching mini skirt and blue ankle boots. She also wears blue gloves around her arms from elbow to wrist and wears a small golden tiara with rounded points at the top of her head. Her wings are cyan with teal tips. Her Charmix is a heart pin with a pink bag at her waist of the same shape and a yellow crown.

Winx (Dark)
Officially known as Dark Bloom - when Bloom is evil due to Lord Darkar's diabolical influence on her, her eyes change color to yellow, with cat-eye pupils. Her lipstick and eyeshadow become purple. Her Winx outfit is of an almost-black blue instead of the usual cyan, but it still sparkles. Her tiara is purple with sharp points and her brooch is a purple diamond. Her wings are sharp and cyan with gray tips. Bloom go as precedent, thanks to her friends, and everybody battles Lord Darkar.

The brand-new Enchantix transformation expansion within season 3 provides each Winx Club member with not only new powers and abilities presumably, but also essentially an entirely new look while within this state, as well. She's the Power of Dragon. Maia gives her a Blue one.

Bloom's Enchantix is a multi-layered, frilly-like outfit, while primarily cyan in color, also consists of various, rainbow-organized colors of light green, soft pink, light yellow and purple (complete form), with pink, translucent above-the-elbow gloves (both). In the cartoon however, the dress seems to be just turquoise, cyan and light blue (incomplete). Her wings, now ample in size, are both light yellow and pink, with a soft alice blue outlining and speckled with dark blue decorative jewels. Her hair (the only one of the Winx girls, besides Tecna (Winx Club), it seems, to not have it styled in pigtails) has also grown several inches in length and has seemed to earn a much more tame, elegant look and style. She has yellow orange highlights that are located at the top of her head, bangs and at the ends of her hair. She has also discarded her cyan colored boots and dons strappy, barefoot sandals that are decorated with three hearts, and wears two sets of blue, heart shaped barettes on either side of her head (ironically instead of a tiara as the other Winx girls do, negating Tecna, and as she traditionally does while within her regular Winx form) in addition to earrings of the same color and shape. Bloom earned her Enchantix in a different way than the rest of the Winx Club, by summoning all the power in her body and then focusing the power on a single point. Since this is a very rare and unusual way of earning her Enchantix, Ms. Faragonda, the Headmistress of Alfea College, warned Bloom that her Enchantix is not very developed/complete and may not work as well for her as the rest of the Winx girls. She is the 6th and last Winx Club member to earn her Enchantix. Her fairy dust bottle blue with a heart top and surrounding handle. With her friends help, is completed, later the day of missing of Oritel and Marion, her parents.


*Prince Sky

Magical abilities

Bloom is the strongest and most powerful of the Winx Club. She has the power of the Dragonfire, which is an ancient source of long-lost power and the most powerful magic in all the known realms. She hails from the planet Domino (Sparks in the 4kids version), which was destroyed many years ago, with only her and her sister Daphne in spiritual form to be survivors. Domino (Sparks) turned into a dark, freezing place.

Bloom's most common attack is the "Fire Ball". Throughout the series she also uses the Dragon Fury, Heat Flare, Dragon Twister, Flame Shield, Flame Burst and the Fire Wall. When Blooms earns her Enchantix she also uses the Enchantix Sphere and the Enchantix Flame Burst.

Bloom's transformation sequence is probably the longest out of the Winx girls. Firstly, Bloom spins down into a ball of flame, and it explodes in a white flash. Bloom claps her hands high above her head, crosses her hands and leaves them in opposite diagonals. Then her gloves burn into place followed by her top. Her wings then stretch out and her tiara flashes onto her head. She flies upwards, and then claps her hands in such a way that the movement of her hands makes a heart with her fire powers. Then she jumps down and strikes her final pose.

Bloom's attacks are based entirely around the element of fire, and usually consist of fiery blasts and explosions. Her most common attack is 'fire ball'. Bloom can create explosive blast and swirling vortexes of fire, as well as immense currents of heat. She can manipulate fire and produce it in multiple directions. Bloom can encase herself or others in chrysalis of flame and create intense rays of fire which can form fiery rings. Bloom has also been able to create fire in different forms, such as when she defeated Icy in the finale of season 1, she created a mass of fire shaped like a dragon, which strangled and broke the enormous "ice" block which held her. She can conjure shields and barriers of fire and walls of flame. Bloom can see the true intentions of others and can see one's deepest desires. As shown many times, Bloom's magical source of power is supreme. First shown in episode one, when she unleashed a blast of such intensity, that it knocked back a wide range of goblins. And again when she used it against Stormy in there first battle. This power was used a number of times throughout the series. Bloom is basically the strongest fairy in all the realms, probably the most powerful being (aside from the Great Dragon). Bloom has also the ability to heal people, as first shown in the 10th episode of season 2 when she revived Sky who died after an attack from Icy in Red Fountain. Later, she used this power to cure the pixies from the spell from Lord Darkar. She would learn about why she had healing powers just before a convergence exam, and at the end of season 2, when she used it to heal herself and her friends, bringing Riven back to life (he sacrificed himself so Musa could live).


Bloom earned her Charmix in the Resort Realm when she saved her and her friends using teamwork from a falling cable car. In her Charmix transformation she twirls around before a silver heart appears around her jewel on her top. Then she does a double twirl around and the pink heart appears at the side of her skirt. She was the first to get her Charmix , but she would not use it until after she had returned to Alfea (she was fifth to transform, only ahead of Flora, who had not even earned hers by that time).

It begins with the great dragon wrapping around her then her hair twists up she moves her hand slightly and her gloves come on and then she flicks her foot at her shoes come on, finally her wings spin on in a spiral and she strikes her final pose.

She earned it in episode 16 of the 3rd season, and fans complained since she never made a sacrifice (much less saved anyone from her own home realm). However, it was revealed in episode 18 that, because of this, Bloom's Enchantix powers are "dangerously incomplete", which showed when her powers went out of control and completely faded out during an exam of the Winx girls' Enchantix powers.

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Notes and references

*In the book "Secret Powers", her full name is given as "Bloom Peters". It is not clear however if this is canon, but it most likely only exists in the 4kids version, since "Secret Powers" was based on it.

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